Beginning its educational life as the School of Industrial and Business Studies in 1967, the Warwick Business School (WBS) is one of the cornerstones of the University of Warwick’s brand. WBS is located near Coventry, with rural surroundings marking much of the visuals for those attending the school.

At the outset, three programs made up the entire school. Students could obtain Master of Science degrees in either Management Science & Operational Research or Management & Business Studies. For those seeking a postgraduate degree, a doctoral program was also established.

A more effective understanding of the conflicts of labor and management were the basis for the 1970 creation of the Industrial Relations Research Unit. By 1981, the Management Masters evolved into an MBA, with a name change to WBS taking place six years later.

The growth of the school led to four different expansions, beginning with the 2000 opening of the Executive MBA teaching center. That’s led to a total of more than 7,500 students being educated at WBS, with a second campus opened in London’s Shard Tower in 2014.

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    WBS is one of a few schools that drives global education in Business and Strategy. Starting from world class research, innovative teaching methods and holistic digitization, Warwick is a state of the art Business School that constantly produces global industry leaders.

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    MBA is a joke, 40% to pass in electives.

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    Great diversity. Great place to learn and make friends. Expensive though

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    One of the most influential place on campus. The building is really good and the classrooms are massive and well audible.

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    Hi Quality MBA program,

    The distance learning MBA is really adapted or any one who is working full time; without any compromise on the quality or the content. The in Campus classes are well organized and well properly organized.
    The University facilities are the really modern with high academic staff members.

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    Top class business school with plenty of successful alumni and great courses

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    This is a business school with great potentials to be named among the top 10 in the near future. Very comprehensive MBA program, and high standard faculty. However, the program is longer and more demanding than many others, so prepare yourself for the challenge !!!

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