The University of Glasgow Business School is located in Glasgow, Scotland and named in honor of Adam Smith, an iconic figure in the history of Economics. Smith taught at the University of Glasgow, his alma mater, during the 18th Century after having been appointed Professor of Moral Philosophy at the institution.

The Business School evolved over the course of decades during the last century. In 1952, management training and executive education programs were set up, nearly 30 years after a Chair had been established in the field of Accounting. A curriculum for a degree in Accounting, however, wouldn’t be established until 1968.

In 1976, the Business School’s MBA program was inaugurated, four years before a Master of International Accounting and Finance Management degree began. These were the forerunners to the creation of the Business School in 1986.

The succeeding three decades saw a number of steps taken to grow the program, including adding a pair of Master of Science degrees for specific areas of management and business. In 2012, the renaming of the school in honor of Smith took place.

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