The University of Bradford’s School of Management, located in the West Yorkshire area, was established in 1963. Four years after opening, the campus officially had a home, using a number of architecturally appealing buildings to serve as the base for instruction. Until 2001, the school was known as the Bradford Management Centre.

Among these buildings, the Heaton Mount and Emm Lane buildings stand out because they were still operational after a century of use. Refurbishing the structures helped extend their useful life.

More recently, the 1989 opening of the Airedale Building created a pair of new lecture halls. Additional construction that began less than a decade ago led to the establishment of the Learning Resource Centre, followed by the opening of the Sir Titus Salt building. Salt was an early benefactor of the University of Bradford.

In 2001, a doctoral program was added to the school’s overall structure. Meanwhile, a recent addition was the 2012 establishment of a trading room. It has since then allowed MBA students and those pursuing Master of Science degrees in specialized financial areas to practice trading in financial markets.

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