TU Bergakademie Freiberg (TUBF) has the historical distinction of being the oldest mining university in the world, having first opened more than 250 years ago. The ability to last that long for any entity requires displaying the ability to adapt to changing circumstances; something that TUBF has been able to do with a flourish.

The science-based focus of the studies is primarily made in the areas of mathematics, geosciences, engineering and economics. Within those subjects are wide ranges of programs that offer some undergraduate students the opportunity to obtain bachelor’s degrees in a variety of areas.

However, the master’s program is the more prominent area for TUBF, with nearly every course of study covered under this particular umbrella. For example, some of the more unique advanced degrees that can be earned through the school include: Photovoltaics and Semiconductor Technology, Groundwater Management, Computational Materials Science and International Business in Developing and Emerging Markets.

The goal of the school is to broaden the base of the business world with scientists and those that can use the discoveries obtained through tireless research to further the world’s economy. Such efforts have been on display since 1765 and will undoubtedly continue.

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     Good technical university with strong research approach and international reputation.

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    TU.Bergakademie Freiberg one of the leading universities in Europe in term of Geoscience and Mining, i am honoured and proud to be one of the postgraduated student at this wonderful university.

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    The Freiberg University of Technology is very keen to make publicity for itself. However, the reality looks quite different. Many university buildings are in very poor condition. It rains in places by the ceiling and the decor is super old and broken. A good example is the University Bibo. Here in the winter water bucket must be put up and shelves removed, so that the books do not mold. Furthermore, there are not enough rooms, so seminars (without joke) have to be held at 6.30 pm to 8 pm. The struggles for a better teaching and better university infrastructure have been unsuccessful for years!

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    I have completed my Msc. and I am now at the last stage in my PhD. research study in the field of Hydrogeology. Regardless the old buildings, the university has a good research atmosphere, very helpful professors, supervisors. I am proud to be an alumni of TU Bergakademie Universit

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    It was a great chance for me to join one of the advanced courses in Petroleum geology in Freiberg University in summer of 2015; in part of Iraqi-Germany cooperation arranged by DAAD. It was a training programm on geological modeling and GIS. Everything and everyone there were perfect, especially the teachers. Thanks for everyone how make this type of scientific cooperation, and i hope if it continues for next years.

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    Was a good opportunity to participate the summer school in Freiberg University as a part of Iraqi-Germany cooperation arranged by DAAD ,every one was cooperative their , thank you all and wish you all further progress.

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    Worst university ever! A lot of buildings are very old and in bad condition. Furthermore funding by the Saxony State is on very low level. This means that research excellence and teaching are much below the average in Germany. Take a serious look before you study here!!!

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    Great technical university with strong research approach and international reputation. Focused on securing the supply of natural resources along the entire added value chain and perfect support of students.

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    Freiberg has a very good university, with many small and some large programs. Who sets the study emphasis on support from professors and in the lecture sometimes want to ask a question, is super consult with the Freiberg. However, anyone who is looking for a location in which you can not decide which party is best used, should choose a less quiet town.

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