The Teesside Business School (TBS) at Teesside University educates students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The main school began operating in Middlesbrough when it first opened in 1930, with TBS continuing to call the North Yorkshire area home.

Situated right off the south banks of the River Tees home, recent years have seen approximately $40 million worth of new buildings both constructed and refurbished on the TBS campus.

Undergraduates get a mixture of both theoretical concepts and hands-on training, which can send them into the business world with a sold background. Students learn the latter way by either shadowing or interning with a number of different major companies that partner with TBS.

Going further by obtaining a postgraduate degree will offer the chance to gain leadership skills and improved management techniques that are the by-product of research. Within this curriculum, students have the choice between a more general approach or a specialized focus. The wealth of alumni that are dispersed all across the world could help offer a number of different networking opportunities.

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    Great campus, quite new and in the center of the city

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    Their community is so organized and lovely people.

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    I am an
    older student and can’t dis any thing about the university. Born and bred in the boro but have had a career in the Midlands as Dorothy would say there is no place like home. All are welcome yo

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    Spoke to three people today. 1 was lovely. The other two were incredibly abrupt and unhelpful, also very unsympathetic towards an incredibly difficult situation. All I wanted was a social care assessment for my dementia ridden mother!

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    Teesside University is a public university with its main campus in Middlesbrough, Teesside in North East England. It has 20,104 students

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    It was an exceptional learning journey for me. Fond memories lingers.

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    Studied BSc Computer Science here. Tutors are really helpful. The is plenty of opportunites and support when if you need it.

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    Loved my time at this university, i have some of my best memories here. I stayed at King Edwards Square (KES) and thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Quality university with lots for young students too do and study.

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    Very bad experience on Teesside Clinical Psychology DClinPsy course. Incompetent, bullying staff that the university won’t keep in check. The Student Union knows of the problem but is powerless to do anything. Poor leadership from Tim Prescott who had to retire under a cloud because of it. They lost accreditation not long ago and are known in the psychology community for closing ranks and covering up mistakes they make and the students talk openly about how they can’t speak out about what they really think. Toxic place, one to avoid.

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    Quality university. Gets better with the investment. 4 memorable years at this place and met amazing staff and students.
    Highly recommended.

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    Awful place. No feedback, they refuse to take constructive critique and “close ranks” . The computer system is so complicated it was just so hard to find out simple details like where the next lecture was…the lecturers had less subject knowledge than was to be expected and were teaching wrong material and picking students up for incorrect grammatical errors. When shown to someone from Cambridge they laughed and said well it is Teeside and gave me a look…!

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    Great uni for education, great place for Inspiration. Absolutely love it…

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    Great nightlife, lots of social events, positive place and the course isn’t bad either.

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    I had the pleasure of attending the recent “shoot fashion” workshop with Keith Moss (photographer) and Kate Fearnley (fashion designer). This event was free to photographers from the opposite ends of the spectrum. I’ve been a commercial photographer for 7 years but you never know everything. The workshop was a really good insight into producing a photographer/client relationship and. of course, great fashion shots. Thanks goes to Teesside Uni. regards Patrick Montgomery (photographer).

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