For nearly a century, Swansea University (SU) has educated students prior to entry into the real world, having done so under different names. At the time it opened in 1920, the University College of Swansea was connected to the University of Wales and by 1948; SU achieved the distinction of being the United Kingdom’s first campus University after the construction of additional facilities.

New research and discovery during the 1960’s helped SU gain greater credibility in the areas of engineering and design. This led to over a half-century of growth that became much more in evidence with added infrastructure.

In 1996, the school adopted the new name of the University of Wales Swansea, which was followed by a formal break with its educational parent in 2007. When the school officially achieved independence, it changed its name to Swansea University.

Two campuses currently make up SU, with one located in the eastern portion of Swansea and the other in the western area. The eastern segment is known as the Singleton Park campus, while the western area is the Bay campus.

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    Swansea University, Swansea University to Singleton Park, Sketty, Swansea SA2 is good …

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    Fantastic place to study. So many memories.

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    Good, could be better, organisation of some key areas a bit shabby

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    Professional services here are a disaster. Students don’t count on getting a year abroad sorted out. Cheap and cheerful, academic quality lacking, not serious about building up library resources etc.

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    Studied here for 1 year abroad. I LOVED IT HERE!!!

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    Best place to study! Beautiful place to live ☺

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    Great postgraduate experience with many student support services and activities

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    My daughter graduate in 2012 and took a master diploma in 2014 (child development playing therapy ) She experienced not to much support from her teachers but she enjoyed the program and curricula.

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    Lovely place with great students and teachers

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    Excellent location, fantastic teaching and outstanding career prospects (especially within Computer Science)! Top notch!

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    A perfect reading and studying environment !! Its magnificent!! Its also palaces with a romantic sea front which adds style, and glamour and Venice to reading and social life.

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