The Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT) became a part of the educational community in 1998 when it was founded in its namesake city. The main purpose of the school is to offer students the ability to earn an MBA, either on a full or part-time level.

An impetus for starting the school was the need for some of the major corporations within Germany to have a continuous flow of candidates to choose from to fill openings. The trio of key areas that the school focuses on are the importance of international management; the value of innovation and the necessity of technology in making all of it come together.

Within that context, the role of decision-making, instilling the importance of teamwork and the ability to offer effective strategies as a particular industry evolves are emphasized. One of the reasons that SIMT has been able to thrive is because of its ability to provide a hands-on approach to its instruction.

To go along with the instruction directed at full and part-time students, executive education programs are in place to allow those currently in the business to gain greater depth when it comes to their overall knowledge of the current markets.

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