The Strathclyde Business School began educating students in 1948 and is located in Glasgow, Scotland. Over 4,500 students attend the school on an annual basis, with nearly 2,000 of those undergraduates and the remainder seeking advanced degrees. In the latter category, an Executive Masters can be earned in Hospitality and Tourism Leadership, while pursuit of a doctorate in Business Administration is also possible.

Those students have the opportunity to have a portion of their studies take place abroad, due to partnerships established with other international business schools. Those that remain in Glasgow continue to have access to research on things like operations management and different aspects of economics.

Within the school itself are seven different departments that include standard business concepts related to marketing, accounting and economics. Beyond that, contemporary instructions on things like management science, strategy, entrepreneurship and human resources are also available.

The school’s brand has since been advanced into seven different countries: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Greece, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore and Switzerland. The first of these MBA centers was located in Singapore in 1988, followed by Hong Kong the following year.

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