Staffordshire University (SU), located in Stoke-on-Trent, began as the Central School of Science and Technology in 1914, a school that emphasized education in the fields of mining and ceramics. The scope of the educational options has grown exponentially over the past century, with more contemporary subjects like Forensic Science and Design for Computer Games now part of the curriculum.

In SU’s early years, expanding the narrow focus of study was a slow process. That was evident from the fact that two decades after the first students arrived, the school had just four departments that instructed those individuals. Besides pottery and mining, new segments devoted to engineering and chemistry were in place by 1934.

In 1970, a merger with the Staffordshire College of Technology, North Staffordshire College of Technology and the Stoke-on-Trent College of Art resulted in the new North Staffordshire Polytechnic. Seven years later, a school in Madeley that was geared to instruct the teachers of the future was brought into the fold. A name change to Staffordshire Polytechnic in 1988 and Staffordshire University in 1992 would follow.

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    Fantastic university, undergoing substantial investment program, excellent range of modern courses with dedicated learning and support staff.

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    good location and famous for Electronics Engineering and Law.

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    Great place to study for Computer Games Design! Really nice staff, and a nice location! Shame that Staffs Uni are closing this campus at the end of the 2015/2016 academic year though.

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    Truly awful, poor research facilities, vastly out of date material and an almost complete disregard for student welfare.

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    Great university with fantastic courses and facilities!

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    Staffordshire University is a university in Staffordshire, England. It has one main campus based in the city of Stoke-on-Trent and three other campuses

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    Decent campus, tutors seemed nice and the school was clean and well turned out.

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    Interesting display of art and design. Thought provoking!!

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    Great facilities and helpful staff. Tutors are encouraging and knowledgeable. Course is industry recognised.

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    Very good university

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    Campus always tidy, parking can be hard to find though.

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    Great University. Currently in my final (4th) year here after taking a placement year in Germany.
    Highly recommend.

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    A great place for your education. I,ve complete Msc in CS and FCET was fully equipped with what you need for studies , a awesome place to be and highly recommended

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    Committed and professional Law School Staff.

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    I have rated this university by given one star though i have don with my masters in merit apart from this all the consultant people and the university staffs will built up some strong bullet points to satisfy us and they make up some touch up words to make those stuffs looking beauty for an example they intimate the students by giving an one year internship but what they do after we have done with the modules, they wont allow the students to get in to the placement even though we got some offers for the placement. in this case i have suffered a lot. all the overseas students are away from their home but this is not the right atmosphere to stay away from the home . Please don’t come to this university for studies(waste of money and time). One of the worst university I have studied. The staffs don’t know how to behave with the students. I have did my computer science but most of the staffs are really worst they wont have a good relationship with the students even they don’t no how to move in a friendly behavior. they don.t help students in any way. Overseas students please don’t come to this uni. They will tell internship but they wont help for you, lot of my friends suffered from this. Also if you find some graduate job they won’t encourage you. Overall the staffs behavior with student is very very worst. Also my advise is middle class people’s dont come to uk for studies they wont encourage you get a job here.

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    I honestly love the staffs and there service, they are so nice polite and very very helpful. I am proud to be a Staffordshire university student. I am on my final year and now I feel like I am well prepared for the any company. The 24 hr library gives more time to do more and more research. I love Staffordshire university.

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    After finishing Bsc in Network Computing, all I can say is that I am delighted in picking this uni for my course. Just want to mention all the staff in network computing have a lot of experience. The course leader (Justin Champion) has always been helpful. The equipment that they have is professional and enough for everyone.

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    Great place to study if u actually wanna study

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    Awesome university . Great night life and great staff

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    Do not study here. There was one good lecturer, and most of the students were incapable of naming the 3 primary colours.

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    staff – specifically non-academic staff is the best I have ever seen in my academic life.

    Staffordshire University offers over 40 years of experience in the provision of quality computing education and research. Experienced staff, cutting edge facilities, worldwide industrial partnerships and a flexible award structure characterise the awards offered.

    Our 90% employability rating and being voted the “Best new University” by Computing employers is the result of years of working closely with Industry. Whether it is the skills you’ll demonstrate as one of our placement students or the work we do in research and enterprise, our reputation for excellence is both national and international.

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