Art served as the basis for beginning what eventually became Southampton Solent University (SSU) more than 160 years ago. Back in 1855, a private art college began operation and eventually took the name of the Southampton College of Art. Decades later, the school merged first with the Southampton College of Technology, followed by the College of Nautical Studies at Warsash. That eventually led to a 1984 name change that made the school the Southampton Institute of Higher Education.

During 2005, major changes resulted in not only a name change, but also an upgrade in the stature of the school to a university. This happened when SSU officially adopted the name it continues to hold today and also granted it the power to award degrees in its own name. Before this change, graduates had their degrees awarded by Nottingham Trent University.

The mergers that took place mean that SSU has two campuses for students. The first of those is the City Campus on England’s south coast, which faces East Park. The other is the Warsash Maritime Academy, right near the Hamble River.

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    Learnt a lot, very good social life and fantastic technological courses.

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    Lots of solvents to sniff really lives up to his name

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    Southampton is a beautiful city, and the Solent University too. The best experience ever! Hope to return there..

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    Come and study Law and/or Criminology here for the lecturers are great!

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    Great place to be. New improvements look great, and the university is getting better all the time.

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    The modern building and technology at Solent university show how seriously they take the future of education and supporting their students.

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    I needed to update my cv.I was surprised the job centre recommended solent uni and i didn’t realise they ran a service like this.The young lady did a wonderful job.I work mainly for agencies through online job sites and have a lot of job offers now mainly thanks to her efforts.I can’t mention names but she e-mailed me to thank me for the chocolates. Well deserved young lady.I attended the chapel road campus and will do again to do a photography course.ten out of ten Solent Uni and the careers service.thank you.

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    This is a great place to work and study. If you want career focused higher education then this is the place, the applied university of Southampton and the region.

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    One of the best equipped library I have ever been to. Very good collection of books. I was very impressed with the architecture and facilities available in this library.
    Every student’s delight.

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    The heart of Southampton is Solent University. Always improving, always doing the best at teaching and getting their students to work in the industries. If you’re interested to have really good education, book an open day, you won’t regret it!

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    In truth there are two different buildings with the name Southampton Solent University and there are offices and there is a canteen where food is nì and then there is the other structure near the park where there are classes (rather beautiful) and the beautiful and wonderful place.
    Total 3 stars out of 5. 🙂

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