The Sheffield University Management School is based in Sheffield and offers instruction at both the undergraduate level and advanced degrees that include MBA and doctoral programs. The undergraduate aspect has management as one of its main areas of focus, while the MBA offers instruction that’s geared toward those in the areas of engineering and advanced manufacturing.

The fact that further education when it comes to engineering is available means that students at the school are able to take advantage of the school’s long legacy in that field. For over a century, this has served as one of the cornerstones when it comes to instruction, though the evolution of a contemporary approach offers a flexible curriculum.

The faculty conducts research and then uses it within the context of their instruction. That attention to maintaining a current awareness of the business world is one reason why the school built and upgraded facilities that mimic the executive suite and uses the most current technologies. Such efforts are combined to emphasize the need for students to both study on their own and in-group settings.

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