The School of Business and Management at the Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) has as its focus the development of organizations into segments of society that offers good management. In addition, the goals within the instruction are to also emphasize the twin concepts of sustainability and social justice.

Offering classes at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, QMUL offers a Bachelor of Science degree in areas of management that relate to marketing, accounting and from an overall business perspective. In addition, a Joint Honors program is part of this curriculum.

One-year programs to obtain a Master of Science in a number of different business-related programs are available. There are also wide arrays of taught modules at the postgraduate level that delve into many more areas.

Enhancing the development of learning is why a number of facilities were set up around the campus. Among these are things like the Think Pod and Innovation Pod, which have been specifically set up to develop a student’s capabilities in areas like presentation while also providing them access to things like video conferencing.

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    A good school with relatively good support structure. One particular lecturer Mr Alvaro (who sadly has passed away) touched so many hearts with his selfless attitude to work. He spent so many hours outside of structured learning to ensure everyone had the best foundation to do well in the module. He was perhaps one of the best lecturers QMUL ever had.

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