The Surrey Business School (SBS) is part of the University of Surrey, which is located in the town of Guildford. SBS serves as one of eight different components of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, with other schools related to Economics and Hospitality and Tourism Management within this mix.

The Business Management program serves as the core of the school, with a wide array of different modules set up that will help develop a stronger understanding of the process of how such companies are run. The actual size of the organization that’s explored isn’t relevant, with a focus more on how they’ve been able to achieve such success.

Rather than simply advance theory when it comes to exploring such businesses, a hands-on approach is also offered in relation to current businesses. Such skills can often serve as a spark for those who may be more inclined toward entrepreneurial opportunities.

Such an approach is possible because of the level of strength in partnerships that have been forged with businesses. The research capabilities of the school can also benefit these companies.

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