The Royal Holloway, University of London is located between Windsor and Heathrow, with the Founder’s Building being the most prominent landmark. It began its educational mission in 1849, when Elizabeth Jesser Reid founded Bedford College. That school marked the innovative concept of educating women within the context of higher education.

Three decades later, a pharmaceutical pioneer named Thomas Holloway founded the Royal Holloway College that served as an all-women’s college for the first six decades of its operation.

In 1945, men were allowed to pursue postgraduate degrees at Royal Holloway followed by the 1965 decree that men would also be admitted as undergraduates at both schools. By 1985, both Bedford and Royal Holloway merged their collective schools to become Royal Holloway and Bedford New College. That came three years after government budgets cuts put both schools in financial peril.

The 1992 proposal that led to many former colleges being elevated to university status directly affected Royal Holloway and Bedford New College. They adopted the Royal Holloway, University of London name in response to that change.

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    Can’t speak about the quality of the education but the main building is beautiful. Even to the untrained eye, it’s something special. Peek at it as you drive past on the A30…

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    I love this place! The first time that I came in Royal Holloway I just fell in love!

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    Fantastic architecture, came for a business conference

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    Great university and campus, great quality of teaching. Loved my stay at this university and going to miss it when I graduate. Best experience ever.

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    The staff are helpful and friendly, however, feedback is extremely poor and the Uni is dropping in rankings year after year. Surely more should be done to improve this .

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    Only ever really experienced the old boiler room which has been converted into a performing arts centre. Lovely area, great venue as an auditorium. Parking is a bit frightening as there are only permit holder car parks…

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    I came to UK for someone,now I gonna leave here, goodbye LONDON,goodbye Fan

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    I took My daughter for an interview and was immediately impressed …amazing place !!!

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    There is so much potential for Royal Holloway and for the most of it, that potential is met.

    Academic-wise the uni is known for producing top notch graduates and for having excellent teachers. My mentor Dr Jay Mistry under the MSc Practising Sustainable Development degree was more than helpful – she was an inspiration! Pushed me when I needed it but was also gentle when I felt burnt out – and with a plethora of practical experience and an enormous amount of theoretical know-how I was in great hands.

    For someone like me who likes to have a place of my own while taking my postgraduate degree, the housing nearby is affordable enough. Groceries from Tesco, post office was near, every basic thing you need is nearby. For entertainment though you need to go to London. Thankfully, the Egham train station is just about a kilometer away from the Uni and I was able to get housing in between the Uni back gate and the train station – so it was perfect.

    The unique blend of having a campus and being near enough London as well as Heathrow – gives you that good balance of time to study, time to relax, time to go to London for fun and excitement.

    I give the Uni 4.5 stars only because of the unmet potential which include upgrading facilities and also increasing linkages with local and London-based institutions to increase academic activities and engagement. More institutional engagement with my country would be great as well.

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    The Best University I have ever seen in my life!! Love all the facilities and love my halls of residence!

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    I visited it quickly while I was on a trip and It really seemed to be a nice campus for studying

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    The shop staff are always helpful and friendly,like the little black cat that the security guards used to feed.Its name was Thomas.

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    Nice People to work With we put in the sound systems for your summer events

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    Very nice campus, though some facilities are outdated

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    Beautiful campus, excellent teaching, would recommend to everyone!

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    A great university with a beautiful campus

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    One of the most beautiful university campus in the UK. A Victorian-era central building with lots of green and nature and also the upcoming state-of-the-art library under construction.

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    I came here for an applicant day. Everyone is extremely welcoming and friendly. The buildings and grounds are absolutely beautiful and I sincerely hope that I end up here in September.

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    Great building and inspiring university

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    The campus is astonishingly beautiful! The main building is modelled after the French Chateau de Chambord in France and if you’ve been in it, it is EXTREMELY elegant. The other buildings are more modern, but compared to the main administration building is a sight to be seen. The Library is also gorgeous. Visually Royal Holloway is such a picturesque place; It has wooded areas and such a country feel, only 19 miles from London, the education is of a high quality, but coming from a US university, the teaching and marking method is much different.

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    I was part of France more than motivated. I’ve only been here for a week and it’s a nightmare.
    Their administration service is simply a hell, with administration offices that are only open 1 hour twice a week, and surely not suitable for the reception of students who wait as if they were standing somebody behind His computer deigns to stand up to help him, but they often pretend not to see you.
    In addition the price of housing is terribly excessive for the quality obtained.
    As for the courses it is 1 week that I run right to the left to change my schedule because I have courses that have places at the same time and nobody is able to do anything other than send me to the next building And so on. I pay £ 900 a year and they are not able to give me a correct schedule, I have to fight to go on course. In the end they want me to watch the missed lectures on video, which is already inadmissible, but for that I have to additionally make the request to a person who is not reachable. They have reached heights there.

    Very bad start of experience for a foreign student already lost enough to change country.

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    Excellent scenery, friendly staff. Some of the university floors have been refurbished and some are currently in progress. The facilities nearby are also wonderful. One the best universities in the UK.

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    I am currently studying my MBA here. Good location, just west of london. The arts department is wonderful. campus is lovely, with a very diverse group of students. very, very good option if you can’t afford the likes of oxford, lbs, or lse.

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    Recently been there for sister in laws graduation, and it looks absolutely amazing. The building looks spectacular wish I went there.

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    Despite its good appeal, it had poor administration process. The same documents were asked twice if not triple. One of my referees never got contracted from the university when the other one was and it was before I even submitted my application. I had to follow up everything. So, frustrated. Finally, went to other university which staff was more responsible and worked a lot faster.

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    A memorable 3 years here, always remembered Roho

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    My daughter did her Masters and she was happy, therefore so am I…!!!

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    One of the most overrating and worst university in the UK
    Poor teaching quality
    Cold treatment to ethnic minority
    Short-minded people
    Lack of appreciation to other different cultures
    Administration and department level procedure are messed up
    No strict academic criteria – miss all in-class tests and term assignments you can still graduate
    Awful job perspective – people just don’t train their abilities in this uni

    Never be a top school with top people

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    My son goes here and he loves it. If he is happy then so am I…..

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    Rank 12th In the UK, Rank 102th in the World.(by 2013-2014 Times Higer Education) I miss my fellows and the management computer room

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    Royal Holloway is one of the great constituent schools in the University of London. My son reads for history here.

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    I’ve lived in 3 countries, been to 14 educational facilities, and I think this is the most underrated place in the world. Beautiful, clean, not drowned by city life, and top-notch in terms of education. A faultless Uni.

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    aceptable but not as good inside as looks outside

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    If you are looking for a wedding venue, Royal Holloways campus is just fantastic – the building and grounds are wonderful. The bar closed early! Apart from that, great place.

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    Awesome. I’ve been here in 2010 for a school summer holiday organized by ISIS group. I can’t say anything bad about this place, it keeps my memories of the best holiday of my life. Well organized, lots of green areas, football fields, clean spaces… Really amazing place to stay.

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    I had a room in the fifth floor of the building. Though the building does not look very promising, the room was very up to date, very clean and of acceptable size. Amenities including a flat screen TV, kettle (tea bags, chocolate), hair dryer, chair, desk, wardrobe a nice bathroom and most of all an amazing view over the valley.
    The breakfast was all you can eat and all you can drink from full English breakfast, cereals, müsli, corissants, fruits, different kinds of tea, coffee and juices.
    The staff was very friendly and always said, that whatever I was aksing for, was in the room anyway or no problem at all.
    I just paid some 50 pounds per night, including breakfast.

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    A great university set in some of the most fantastic scenery and surroundings – close to London and other cities, with Staines town centre only a quick bus journey or walk away. Top-notch university facilities and friendly staff / faculty, along with a fun-loving and diverse university student culture.

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