The Queen’s University Management School (QUMS) at the Queens’s University of Belfast affords students the opportunity both in and outside of Ireland the opportunity to obtain business degrees at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programs specifically focus on the key areas of Management, Finance, Economics and Accounting.

A 2016 merger with the William J. Clinton Leadership Institute now allows students that are taking executive education or leadership courses to hear from a variety of experts. These individuals are based both within industry and within the academic stratosphere, with the facilities located at Riddel Hall in South Belfast. The curriculum allows for a standardized MBA approach as well as one that’s customized to a particular student.

In order to further enhance the educational opportunities, the school also has business terminals set up that allow students to follow the financial markets more closely on a regular basis. Within this setup are simulations that allow for practice trades to take place, allowing those students the chance to experience the highs and lows of this field, without enduring the painful risks involved.

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    A wonderful place of learning in which I spent many happy years.

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    Looking forward to be Msc childrens rights student soon

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    Very nice, our family member Weir, retired, from working at the college, before my family member retired we had a look about, thinking maybe our son of 14 may want to give it a go, when he is ready very nice. The Smyth Family U.S.A

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    Spent many happy years here as a student, and the architecture is fantastic!

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    Beautiful architecture and really nice gardens.

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    Very nice architecture and great history. I would definitely recommend for visiting.

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    One of the best University in United Kingdom; had a wonderful 3 years

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    I miss QUB so much. I had the best time of my undergraduate and postgraduate studies there and the best part of my life time. Peace from Malaysia. 🙂

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    Worth a visit. Don’t miss the hall. Beautiful university.

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    A beautiful architectural statement in Belfast, Queen’s is worth a visit just to explore the grounds. The botanic gardens are also right next door and make for a nice quick stroll. The main building is stunning and feels a bit like Harry Potter with sweeping gothic arches and huge chandeliers visible from outside the large paned windows. There are also some great restaurants nearby like Dean’s.

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    As students take pictures, it is recommended visitors may be available in the main building, the annex is the Botanical Gardens and Museum of Astor, you can take the opportunity to look at.

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    University is an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in various academic disciplines. This place is an educational institution of UK . . . 🙂

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    Beautiful building sitting just inform of the wonderful botanic gardens. Lots of great shops, restaurants and cafes around at reasonable prices (to the benefit of its students)

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    Beautiful red brick building, very pleasing to watch

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    Nice building, to visit if you’re in the area

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    Studied here for 3 years, great facilities, beautiful buildings and top-knotch teaching.

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    Courses are good but uni only concerned with income. Staff are good too but you can tell they have lost heart with their employers.

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    There is a Botanic Garden and Ulster museum just beside the university. A very historical university, is one of the main tourist attractions in Belfast.

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    Really historical building. Good environment to study. One of the most beautiful monuments in Belfast.
    I wish I could study there again.

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    Attending QUB changed my life. It helped me build my character and be successful. It was really an adventure that I enjoyed very much

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    For Aerospace Engineering, it is one of the most prestigious one.. Excellent one for research and to do from Undergraduate to postgraduate to Doctorate…

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