The main campus of Plymouth University is located in Plymouth, with the centralizing of what was a far-flung operation beginning after the school achieved university status in 1992. Prior to that, the school was a Polytechnic Institute that encompassed itself, the Exeter College of Art and Design, Rolle College and Seale-Hayne College.

The actual roots of the school date back more than 150 years, when it began as the School of Navigation in 1862. However, the more recent connections serve as the skeleton for what the school currently represents.

Three years prior to the 1992 elevation to becoming a university, the school was re-named as Polytechnic South West. When that upgrade arrived, the inclusion of the Plymouth School of Maritime Studies became part of the newly formed institution.

One of the more dramatic facets over the past quarter-century has been an increase on building up the infrastructure on campus including the house medical school instruction and the biomedical research and an arts building that stands nine stories tall. In addition, the expansion of the school’s library has also been undertaken.

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    Great university on a fantastic campus and location! I have really enjoyed my 4 years here studying Business Management.

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    I came from a partner college and the experience has bit been easy, there are huge differences in between this two organizations. However, the University staff has helped getting used to a new environment and feel welcomed.

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    Spent one year here doing a postgraduate course. It’s an OK university, facilities fine, lecturers fine, nothing brilliant but solid.

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    Enjoyed my time here, good student community, and my course is excellent. very pleased with it!

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    Brilliant place to study with great facilities.

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    Thoroughly enjoyed my time here, the academic and social experiences were both fantastic and the city centre location is the icing on the cake!

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    I am in my last year of my undergraduate degree at Plymouth University and have enjoyed my whole experience here. This university offers great support to students both academically and with employment opportunities. I am looking forward to complete my masters here next year.

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    Plymouth has offered me the best opportunities. Not only has it provided exceptional teaching to further my studies of English Literature; the university have helped me to secure a part time job for my full three years of study, relevant experience to develop my career pathway and prepared me for my successful postgraduate interviews at both the University of Bristol & the University of the West of England to continue onto a PGCE course in Secondary English Teaching. As well as this, Plymouth staff and students are fully supporting my fundraising efforts for Kidney Research UK, helping my friend & I raise a huge total of £1735.53 so far (and counting). On top of this, I am able to practice a good work, life balance – which is key for my career progression into teaching – as Plymouth offers so much, from shops to green open spaces, all on your doorstep. I am succeeding with the help of Plymouth University and I cannot thank the university’s staff & students enough for their support.

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    Great university with great facilities. Very modern and airy interior, friendly staff.

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    bad faculty responses if they respond at all, plagiarism isn’t taken seriously at all. overall a bad university.

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    Great place. I am currently studying robotics

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    I have been on a three year journey to achieve something that I did not think was possible I have become an Occupational Therapists. I like most of my peers already have Job offers from employers across the UK. I have made many great new friends, lecturers gave me time to talk, ask questions and the encouragement I needed to get through. The lectures are delivered in a range of teaching styles so something for everyone. Plymouth University is a great place to study with lots to do for every.

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    I love it because my daughter Kat Penn like it so much and she is so happy to be there and she said it’s the best university

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    Having studied here for nearly 3 years now, I can tell you that the university is a very comfortable and enjoyable place to be. Lectures on my course are interesting and well taught with extra help offered for more challenging topics to help us achieve the best possible grades we can. Student life is fun and easy going knowing that the shopping centre and further entertainment is just across the road. Whether it be sports/ the cinema/theatre or in the mood for getting groovy on the dance floor, everything is within walk-able distance. Not to mention, Plymouth Hoe is spectacular this time of year when the sun is shining; a brilliant place to go if you are in need of a break from study 🙂 .

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    Plymouth University in itself has helped Plymouth to remain a vibrant city. Bringing money into the local economy and generally great students.

    The teaching at the university is very good. However, lectures can be very confused due to poor timetabling.

    Plymouth has become a great place to get a degree or postgraduate study.

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    Great university, no major complaints at all.

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    Great students and tutors. Really enjoy my time studying here. Gained so much knowledge. Library 24/7. So many cafes on the campus with the drinks and food

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    Love studying here. Love the city and the sorrounding area!! If youre into watersports this is the university for you. The university is also great if you enjoy marine biology, medical sciences or teaching

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    Excellent teachers in this school-equipped and convenient transportation and pleasant scenery

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    Amazing staff, brilliant place to live and study. Computing & Games Development.

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    Plymouth is a great place to study and socialise alike. The University always encourages students to do their best, and there are support avenues to help everyone.

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    Plymouth university is one of the greatest University that everybody would like to study it one day in his life & I’m one of those students who dreams to taste the knowledges and creativity of Plymouth.

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    Absolutely loved studying here, stayed on to do my masters degree too! Brilliant vibrant city and a really cool campus. The facilities are top notch, and my tutors were perfect, felt really supported during my studies. Really recommend it!

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    Fantastic university. Plymouth offers so much to students from all walks of life. Great atmosphere. Good sports facilities and the coast on your doorstep.

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    Brilliant! Students are succeeding and this university is growing.

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    very good university…my husband n my 2 children studied in this uni…

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    Brilliant university; welcoming, modern and close to the museum, library and city centre.

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    The University of Plymouth was an enjoyable experience for myself meeting great friends and helpful lecturers over the three years of my study. Plymouth is my home city so made training there even more poignant. The beauty of the University is that it is not far from the City centre and of course the sea. The University boasts a great library full of useful reference and information books as well as access to the internet for more research evidencing. I would recommend the University of Plymouth to those who want a great Uni experience alongside a vibrant night life

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    A good university with some areas of outstanding but from my personal experience of an Early Childhood course, some lecturers require more training and better communication on how to deliver certain lectures. Remember- you are only as good as your weakest link. Though most lecturers are Doctors of their subject and have many years valuable experience to bring to each module.

    However through the Staff Student Liaison committee meetings, students and staff can sit down together and resolve any issues they have with the course as well as having an opportunity to provide feedback at the end of every academic year via National Student Survey.

    How anyone can rate PU a 1 star when they have GHDs in the girls bathrooms in the SU is beyond me. I would recommend this university to anyone.

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    One of the most inhumane places to study Occupational Therapy.

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    Just finished my final year, a good Uni.

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    Not a good university in my opinion. I originally applied for here and when applying found out I needed a Maths grade B to do the course (I have a grade C). I emailed them and rang them up to see if there was any chance I could get in however they said there was no chance. I applied for Portsmouth university instead and last Christmas (After I applied for Portsmouth) I got a letter through the post offering me a place at Plymouth… despite being rejected and told it wasn’t possible. This Uni clearly doesn’t give a damn about candidates and treats them very poorly by the means of messing them about! I’m happy I got into Portsmouth which is a much better University as it turns out! Much better equipment than we were shown at Plymouth and accommodation is of a much higher standard in Portsmouth! This should be a warning to all candidates! Don’t apply to Plymouth unless you really have too; they could/will mess you about! Obviously I can’t review the learning quality however being messed about before even joining the university means I have only given it 1 star.

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    Great place to study for the area and the Uni. One of the friendliest campuses in the country.

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    A brilliant university to study at that is close to everything you could want in Plymouth. The staff are really supportive and the courses are great.

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    I learned more on a 10 week evening course at PCAD than i did throughout my whole photography degree at plymouth university.

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    Nice tiny city with a very nice University. Friendly people.
    Good places to walk on the seaside with nice views.
    Quiet and relaxed city. I have luck to have a fantastic sunshine weather.

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    Workshops are good or at least the ones in brunell

    Ones in engineering seem more like a hobby workshop (excluding Electrical Engineering & Computers for Simulations there good)

    Computer are i7 but the problem is the internal severs.

    Some buildings have terrible moist levels, and overheated during winter.

    Staff is good with questions and specialist equipment can be accessed, when going though a long process.

    3D printing – Design / Architecture – overloaded and not properly extracted constantly under maintenance.

    3D printing – Engineering – limited use by staff only not properly extracted either.

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