Founded in 1974, the Paris School of Business (PSB) is a relatively recent change to the longstanding stature of what used to be known as the ESG Management School. Two campuses exist, with one located in Paris and the other in Rennes, with an estimated 3,000 students instructed in business courses that range from undergraduate to a doctoral program.

During the three years required to attain a bachelor’s degree, PSB students learn the basic principles related to management. Four different majors are available, with all of the classes taught in English by instructors from various nationalities.

The option of pursuing an MBA might involve a PSB student focusing on international business for 18 months, while two other programs are more specific. One that focuses of arts and culture is also 18 months while a 12-month program is available for those interested in fashion and luxury management. Those seeking a teaching career at a business school can undertake the three-year program that will result in an Executive DBA doctorate.

PSB works with partner schools in 30 different countries, while companies also enter partnerships with the school. That allows for internships and opportunities for students to get started in the business world.

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    I love the place because it good and interlligance,and i relly love the country.BBA (international business) is my best subject in my feature.

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    What courses are offered if you want to start your first year of university

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    Excellent choice for BBA & MBA program in heart of Paris.

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    Read the conditions and the small letter of the school before enrolling. The quality of many professors is not a the level it should be. Im very dissapointed.

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    Very good school with a very good faculty. We are very well trained and have the chance to choose from several specializations in order to flourish in the area we like. The destinations for international trade are many and varied from year to year becoming more and more prestigious (UCLA, Boston University, UC Berkeley …)

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    Teaching and faculty quality monitoring of teachers and many interesting partnerships for the year abroad.

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    A school with very friendly atmosphere, where classes are taught by teachers working in the clearest business of their time and especially the opportunity to go one year abroad in the third year that made the difference for me.

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    quality courses, teachers listening and very nice school atmosphere! a school that makes you want to invest in the professional world in the first years of study

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    A school phase to shape tomorrow’s managers. Quality education with many possible courses such as finance and CCA. Pleasant surroundings in an innovative and accessible campus.

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    Education with faculty quality, listening to students and pervasive social life, all the ingredients to combine pleasure and success.

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    Environment so good, so many students, it seems to be talented collection

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    Yes, I recommend the Master 2 Digital Business at ESG Management School!
    Because it’s more than just a master of business school but Digital ongoing digitalization of courses and teaching. Teachers are expert professionals in their areas of expertise to both business and technical (Web, mobile, CRM, email marketing, HTML 5, CSS 3 …) and that put you all levers of digital, constantly in search innovation.

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    I enjoy teaching digital marketing to students at ESG Management School Business School. I deal for 3 years of specialization Digital Business. Students at the end of specialization Digital Business (in master 1 and master 2) have expertise in SEO, SMO, SEM, Display, project management, CRM, website creation languages, mobile marketing, cross-channel strategies … They succeed brilliantly every year the Challenge Google. Professional integration is quick to positions of ‘account manager, seo manager, project manager sem, smo project manager, analist web, ecommerce manager ….

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    ESG Management School offers a specialization in master 1 and master 2 in Digital Business. This specialization is in partnership with the Chair in Digital Business. In 2012 the students worked on the first edition of Social Media Awards. Students of this specialization are particularly dynamic and operational. This year they launched a juniore company focused on Digital. The last year they went to the fifth year in Ireland at Facebook and 4th year they participated in the Challenge Google with excellent rankings (among the first 200 teams in 2800 in the world) Congratulations business school of the Digital Business ESG Management School.

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    Coherent programs, good internationally partnerships (LSE, Warwick) and recognized teachers that make me a very good business school.

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