Like many British business schools, Oxford Brookes University (OBU) has a long legacy that includes a number of different names along the way. The first of those was the Oxford School of Art in 1865, which was located in St. Giles’, Oxford, with a School of Science being added just five years later.

OBU’s growth over the next few decades led to its next incarnation as Oxford City Technical School in 1891. For more than 60 years, the name stayed unchanged, though a 1934 merger between the Technical School and the School of Art took place.

Technology’s role in the post-war world led to the 1956 name change to the Oxford College of Technology. By 1970, the name was shortened somewhat to Oxford Polytechnic, with the 1992 ruling that upgraded many business schools also having an effect in this case.

The name of Oxford Brookes University was a way to honor the first principal of that 1934 merger, John Henry Brookes. Prior to serving as principal, Brookes had been the Technical School’s Vice Principal and led the School of Art.

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    Just a visitor – but friendly place and nice café.

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    OBU memories are cherishable 🙂

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