For more than three decades, the Open University Business School (OUBS) has emphasized preparation for its students prior to their entry into the business world. The school was opened in 1983, 14 years after the Open University itself began. The name is indicative of the effort to make higher education inclusive for all those seeking to further their studies.

After four years, a focus on funding an MBA program begun and only took two years to be achieved. The rapid speed of getting the school off the ground resulted in OUBS expanding into Eastern Europe and becoming the largest business school on the continent.

By 1992, the first MBA graduates earned their degrees, with an expansion into the field of law following five years later. In 2000, the school began accepting students at the undergraduate level, with additional Masters programs being added in 2004.

The advancement of online learning resulted in OUBS beginning what was entitled Electronic Virtual Learning Environment in 2007. Three years later, a new MBA program began and in 2013, Executive Education classes begun.

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    Great place to learn! Made by MBA here with pleasure…

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    Grit your teeth, and get on with it.
    The place for studying and working.

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    The learning materials are good as were my first impressions, but the OU staff are terrible! The student support is next to none and it can be very difficult to get a response to an e-mail, or even a phone call. I eventually made a complaint which was completely mishandled by OU staff. I would suggest OU as a last resort only.

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    Excellent way of learning, dedicated tutors who are always ready to help. The best route to take in developing a new career. Good opportunity to change your life.

    I enjoy everything about it.!

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    The most unbelievable learning experience of my life. I did my second degree with the OU and have never worked with a more dedicated, supportive group of professionals, nor as engaged and wonderful a group of students … hundreds of us. I’ve made lifelong friends and continue to give my own time to this amazing organisation after graduation, despite it being railroaded down the crass (misguided) commercial direction that current UK government policy is forcing it down as it tries desperately to destroy the OU and the principles of open access, equality and diversity on which it was founded.

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    A great place to work. The pace of change is picking up to ensure the Open University remains one of the top distance learning choices now and in the future.

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    I’m a mature student, nearing the end of my first 2 modules in Mathematics. I was very apprehensive about being able to cope but the teaching guides are excellent and interesting with a good balance of theory and application, also the online support is excellent with online tutorials, online screencasts and live online forums where students can post queries and receive help from other students and tutors. Also each student has a personal tutor to further explain things we don’t understand. There is an excellent online week by week planner. There are online practice quizzes which were the greatest help for me to show where I needed more work. I study best on my own at my own pace so this has been perfect for me. I can’t wait for my next 2 modules!!

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    Absolutely terrible without doubt, dont get me wrong here I normally am very diligent at putting my effort in but they are sincerely incompentent at teaching, assessing and giving me the best marks. Their promise of specialist support in your studies and spare time, responses in your work and their ability to understand you and your potential aims are in total vain. It’s like they treat you like black sheep, having tried studying a course in natural sciences I failed 4 modules the exams are like incredibly hard to even undertake and the tuition is very poor. AVOID IT!!!! I’ll never go back there ever again waste of money!!!!

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    Exam incorrectly marked or bribery and grade switching going about here. Student support or exam board would not help.

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    This was the most expensive mistake I have ever made. The students supports are a joke and the tutors I had didn’t care one bit. I would advise anyone to stay away from the OU.

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    Great .

    Student support does not exist and you will be left alone. For the money you pay you can also expect study material that has been recycled for years and years without any update. Who likes updated information anyway.

    Also they offer a network of tutors who can freely and without any consistency mark your tma`s and exams. Which is great as the hours you put in really starting to pay off.

    If this does not convince you to immediately sign up, think about that you wont be able to find anything relevant to your course in their library and that nobody actually cares about your progress. Alter all we all love our chocolate teapots.

    Dosn`t this sound amazing? Sign up today

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    OU is one of the best learning opportunities out there today for any one willing to learn and for EU members-creation of a funding institution to grant loans and help them pursue their dream even at old age, is something overwhelming!

    If you feel you’re smart brain you’re still young and very ambitious and can afford your tuition, OU is probably not for you.

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    University is an institution of higher education and research which grants academic degrees in various academic disciplines. This place is an educational institution of UK . . . 🙂

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    Can’t get past the whare do you live notice

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  15. I work at the Open University as a Student Recruitment Advisor.
    I can honesty say, it’s a great place to work, not overworked or underpaid as Mr Wilson believes and quoted in his previous review.
    It’s an inspiring place to work, speaking with Students from all walks of life, all ages, from many countries, with a new confidence, ambition and a drive to educate themselves for a better future.
    The Open University is not only open to anyone wanting to study, but it’s distance learning, so many working full time and maybe also raising a family can study to achieve a degree!

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    I can’t fault the open university in my opinion. I don’t understand some of the bad comments people have wrote because my experience has been great! The recourses and help are there if you need it and you always know what’s going on. I would definitely recommend the open university if you would prefer to have flexibility and are doing other things on the side of studying.

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    I’ve taken three classes with the Open University over the last several years. I was sold on the prospect of a real, accredited University, offering solid online courses, from which I could transfer credits to any other accredited Universities. But it’s just a money pit, I’ve come to discover.

    They ship you bare-minimum learning resources, which suffice to pass the tests, but fall far short of providing a real education on the subject matter.

    They take, on average, two weeks to respond to any concern of any kind. And sometimes they don’t respond at all. There seems to be a bare-bones staff present at all times, and I’ve heard complaints from staff that they are overworked and underpaid, compared to staff at other Universities.

    There are lots of hidden tripwires designed, as best I can figure, to ensnare students to tack on hidden fees. For example, in the latest class I took, there was an exam at the very end. But this required a second, separate registration, which had to be completed several months prior to the actual exam. And if you miss that deadline? You have to wait an entire year, re-register with the same class, and then register the exam on time. And for this, they are gracious enough to give you a 90% discount on the class for the second go-around. All because you didn’t sign up to take a test in a class which you already paid and signed up for.

    I have several other examples of similar tactics they use. Like, mid-way through my first class, something in my personal life prevented me from finishing the class, and I made several inquiries about whether I had the option to finish the class at a later date. Every response was a no. But later I found out that there was indeed an option to defer my class, with a 60% discount (since I had completed roughly 60% of the course). So instead of pointing out the option thus potentially saving me a huge amount of money and time and work, they instead effectively shrugged at me saying “We sympathize with your personal problems, but we have nothing for you.”

    This one is partially my fault, because stuck away 2/3 of the way down a 100 page-long terms&conditions form, the option for deferring classes was listed. But they must have known it was an option. How could they not?

    In conclusion: save your money. In this day and age, there are a variety of accredited online programs. I recommend staying away from this one.

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    Currently studying BSc(Hons) Natural Sciences with the OU and cannot fault it. Best choice I made in a long time for my degree course.

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    Great distance learning uni, good quality materials for study good support and great campus

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    I have studied for many years with the OU and their recent ‘improvements’ have completely ruined their credibility as an academic institution. All materials are in ebook format not pdf, which means the normal brain processes of recognising patterns on a page for studting purposes are gone i.e. the format of the page renders differently at different times. I can still go to old text book and discover the location of information effectively. You cant with the OU. More importantly is that the OU is in denial about any challenges to their new methodology. They have the students writing the course materials through the imposed use of wiki related content. The tutors inconsistently apply university policy, when that policy is clear. Even Engineering Institutes are recognising this downwards trend and are not recognising the degrees now.

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    Awful – they changed my degree strand midway through my course with no offer of an alternate pathway without repeated similar renamed courses meaning having to do 120 level 3 points in one year. Absolutely no support available. Contacting them and getting any sensible help is impossible. Course quality and materials are dire – online tutorials are bizarrely bad.Avoid at all costs, they exist now only on their past reputation. Their marking scheme is all over the place and completely inconsistent between tutors on the same course – 70-85% which would be grade 1 at brick uni is grade 2 at OU and many of their markers mark to brick standards meaning you will get a degree grade lower than at a brick uni. As courses progress (and you are less likely to stop) compulsory courses become much more expensive. Study at a brick uni even by distance learning and you will achieve much better value for money, proper tuition and support and probably end up paying less over all.

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    I hope to study if I learn English only

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    High quality materials with clear explanations and very hard work to get high marks, the only problem is they are cutting some residential schools for the natural science degrees so in the future it could be difficult to get hands on experience

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    I have been studying with the Open University since October 2012 and have found it a wonderful experience. I have always favoured home study and find the OU student support excellent. I have been able to study whilst working full time and to continue studying when I became a mum.

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    In one word Fantastic! I did two Masters degrees with OU while I was in the Army. They were very understanding when I had to deploy overseas. I enjoyed the materials they provide and the tutor support.

    One important thing!!! Open University is not for people not dedicated, organised and ready to sacrifice time. People want to achieve qualifications without working for them you might as well buy online a degree for yourself.

    Bad workman blame thier tools. If you can not put aside time and work hard don’t blame the course material, tutors or a slight typo in the course material as this rarely affect anything.

    I have studied with many students who have go on to become fantastic PhD holders from OU. I studied MSc Physcology and MA Social Sciences from OU from 2004 to 2009.

    Work hard and you will see the results that will make you proud !!!

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    I love to learn more about the stuff in school but my head can not take anymore sorry I love to go back to college and thank you for everything that you share with me love it or hate it..

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    Love the Open University! Brilliant for achieving your goals 😀

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    Best decision I made in my academic life was to go to the Open University – I studied a Maths degree straight from school after Alevels which I completed in 3 years and I loved it! I could travel whilst studying as it is a distance learning course. Also the tutors are excellent as they are easily contactable and they held fantastic small learning tutorials whilst were not compulsory but were really helpful. The study materials/books were great too. Only draw back is that you need 85% to get a first which is higher than any other uni in the UK!! But it just shows that the standard/quality of this degree is so high and is well recognised in the UK.

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    I haven’t even started yet and i am already impressed with the standards which include actually having your OWN text books that YOU can refer instead of cheap photocopies or shared pieces of garbage from the 1980’s. They also have a dedicated hotline which you can phone during the week and throughput most of the year.

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    The open university gives opportunities to mature students to study towards their future without requiring GCSEs or A Levels or other academic grades. For that I thank them.

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    the Open university don’t care about disability students. I have first hand experience with this….if you make a complaint their procedure is to bully the student in to submission. I battled for my extra time in an exam due to dyslexia and wasn’t given it. I only found that out at the end of the exam, this shocked me as I had sent away all the documentation, filled out tons of paper work and even spoke to the learning support directly….exam time came and nothing!….I asked about it and it was my fault.

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    I am studying for a BSc Natural Science at the OU. I enjoyed many fantastic science courses. I would highly recommend the OU to anyone ready to work very hard.

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    If you are a hard worker withe a desire for success then I recommend the OU for you.

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    BRILL…..should have done a degree course years ago.

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    I have gained a few qualifications with the OU over twenty years. I had a great experience, had excellent tutors, and continue to purchase the OU material as I think it is so well written. One word, excellent sums it up for me.

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    Have been studying with the OU since 2011. In my area of study (Natural Science) the quality of the material is of very high standard, the tutors are well prepared and accessible. I would recommend the OU to anyone.

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    I’m delighted with The Open University! Everything is excellent (material, organization, tutors, support, etc.)

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    Been studying with the Open University for just under 2 years now and I love it. I am studying a computer degree and the help available is amazing and I love there methods of teaching.

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    Whilst there can be no denying that the OU, like all universities, have some incosistencies in regards to tutor experience, I’ve tended to find that those students who rate the OU as ‘toy-town’ or rubbish, are either those who have not carefully analysed whether distance learning is for them, or those that have thought they could achieve high grades with minimal effort and now find themselves sorely disappointed (& embarrassed). Having just completed the most scholarly and academically rigorous module out of all the HE study I have completed so far (at various institutions), I can confirm that the OU will give out what you put in. You won’t get handed a qualification just because they have open entry requirements. If you don’t want to work hard, buy a degree from the University of Balamory or whatever the online phonies call themselves. Don’t cheapen the hard work and dedication of tens of thousands of students by claiming the OU isn’t a ‘proper’ university, because you didn’t expect to have to put in much effort.

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    Lots of buildings… but where are the students? 🙂

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    In my opinion, The Open University has been extremely beneficial in facilitating my studies. As a young mother, it allows me flexibility between work, family and student life. I can be a mother and employee during the day and a student at whichever time I find suitable. I believe this is something not available elsewhere.

    So far, I have felt very welcomed by tutors and ‘classmates’ alike. Participation, via module specific tutor group forums, are very interesting. They encourage social and intellectual interaction with fellow students and ;present a relaxed atmosphere in which informal conversation can take place, even with tutors. We are given our tutors full contact information at the start of every course, so help and support can always be obtained through various methods.

    When life just gets in the way, tutors are immensely understanding and patient in regards to questions and sometimes even permitting a 12-hour grace period for coursework deadlines.

    Overall, if you find it difficult to attend a ‘brick’ university due to personal life circumstances; this is the place you can still earn a degree from. All that is needed is an adequate laptop, Microsoft works and the free books the university despatch to you. It is now possible to apply for a tuition loan too.

    Written by a proud student of The Open University.

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    Great amazing experience, studied with no academic qualifications and found the time spent studying interesting, invaluable first class tuition and excellent value. It really made me think about many things-and has genuinely improved my life.

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    i am busy studying a Bsc(Hons) Environmental Management and Technology degree with the open university.

    i think the degree is amazing and very well planned. the modules start off by easing you into all the basics you need and make you feel very relaxed about your studies. i left school at 15 and never finished as i needed to work but now at 30 and am going into second year, studying 120 credits per year, the equivalent of full time study. i also manage a pub and have a family and in no way do i feel that i have taken on too much.(this may be different for other students) from the application to study getting the funding through student finance England and finishing my first year my total experience has been ultimately positive.

    they even allowed me a rewrite of an exam as my grandfather passed away 3 weeks before i was due to write.

    i cant fault them in any way.

    i would also like to add that in one of my modules this year there was a disabled guy and on the Facebook page for the module he kept praising the uni for all the help they where giving him….funding for a new laptop, funding for travel to and from tutor groups and more.

    thank you Open University for giving me the chance to better myself for the future of my son…….

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    I began studying with The Open University in 2009 and have never looked back. My prospects were grim when I left school, and I spent several years moving from job-to-job and digging myself into massive holes. I knew I needed to get a better qualification if I wanted to succeed in anything I’d find worthwhile, but I always thought that the only way to get into university, for me, would be to do a very expensive and time consuming Access course.

    Then someone told me about the OU and how studying there had turned their life around. They could study part-time while working full-time and, if you earn a low salary, the courses are paid for you.

    Now I am more than halfway through a degree in English Literature, and my confidence in my abilities and my path in life is clearer now than ever. Don’t get me wrong – it’s hard work, but if you’re willing to put in the time and commitment, there’s no reason you can’t succeed. All the support is there, from university advisors to course tutors, and I’ve found the course materials to be excellent.

    I’d highly recommend the OU to anyone!

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  45. 3

    I think the courses are very old and they really need to improve the quality, teachers have very different capabilities to teach, if you are lucky, you might meet a good one, but since I studied with OU, I took 6 different courses, each of them has 60 credits, I only met one teacher who can be called as a teacher, the rest of them were not able to reply your email effectively, if you have questions, they help you limitedly. As I am not living in UK, I pay about 4000 £ per year but I don’t think it is worthy.
    I do believe they improve their website and they do develop their online system in making more students to feel comfortable to study and work at the same time, but I also think they are pretty commercial.

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  46. 1

    One thing that is immediately obvious to anyone contemplating study with the OU, is that it is eye-wateringly expensive. Now sometimes, one might argue that quality teaching is not going to be cheap, and although that may be true, unfortunately in the case of the OU, the standard of teaching, materials, and basic quality of service offered by the OU is of an extremely low standard.

    My advice is keep hold of your money, or if you really feel it essential to collect some letters after your name, go to a ‘proper’ university. Leave the ‘Toy-Town’ Open University alone.

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  47. 5

    Full time student with the ou excellent tutor contact and high level of research. Also I get to travel while studying when all my friends are in a lecture hall.

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  48. 5

    I’ve just finished my second year with The Open University. I have found that it fits in with my other commitments and the course so far have been quite enjoyable. There are opportunities to meet other students if desired and there is a lot of support. I am looking forward to studying at level 3 next year.

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  49. 2

    I have done five courses with the open University. I have done old and new courses. The first course I did I had an enormous amount of error correction to do in all the books and assessments and this was a major part of the course.

    I am doing a new course at the moment and that is as bad as the old courses. As it is new there are lots of updates because it is new and not just to keep it up-to-date.

    I can’t make a comment on the price of courses as I get mine free.

    The tutors are all overworked and underpaid and most really don’t want to talk too much about things as the money doesn’t pay for the time for them to do this. There is the occasional good one though tab will go well out of his or her way to help.

    There is nothing special about the open University they provide average courses with average instructors on average subjects stop

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  50. 5

    A superb academic institution giving the highest values of service and support.

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  51. 1

    Review for grounds condition alone very poor

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