The Nottingham Business School (NBS) opened in 1980, which was 12 years before it became associated with Nottingham Trent University. While the latter institution has a campus in the University Park area of Nottingham, the NBS can be found within the Jubilee campus. Those who want to be close to the London area will note that this campus is just 90 minutes away from it.

The scope of NBS’s reach was extended to both China and Malaysia, with those two campuses offering a different perspective and the chance to get a greater understanding of those nations’ growing influence in the business world. Due to that level of expansion, the school is home for over 43,000 students.

The types of degrees available for students attending the school range from undergraduate to doctoral, with Executive Education courses available for business professionals. Included in that group are MBA modules.

The Jubilee Campus offers the most diversity, though among the three campuses in the respective nations, students from over 150 countries can be found pursuing an education.

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