Northumbria University was created in 1969 and was originally known as Newcastle Polytechnic. The creation essentially merged together what had been three separate schools. This trio of institutions were the College of Art and Industrial Design, the Municipal College of Commerce and the Rutherford College of Technology, with the latter school dating back nearly 140 years.

The Newcastle Business School evolved from this convergence and involves both the instruction of students and the partnerships developed with numerous businesses. Both use the research resources that Northumbria has available, with a number of major companies sponsoring different programs.

Besides the Newcastle school, the main Northumbria campus is located in London. Students from an estimated 136 countries attend the school, with domestic students able to take advantage of the school’s partnerships with other international programs. That involves student exchanges that help offer a wider prism with which to view the role of business.

Just as the wide array of partnerships is evident, the alumni that come from at least 167 different countries are part of the estimated 194,000 alumni with Northumbria University credentials.

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