Located in Hamburg, Germany, the Northern Institute of Technology Management (NITM) first opened its doors in 1998, using an innovative approach regarding tuition costs for its students. Such an expense is actually non-existent, since sponsoring companies from the technology industry provide scholarships to worthy students.

Those who matriculate to NITM will find themselves in a unique position that will definitely keep them busy, thanks to the double-degree concept. Over the course of two years, those working on an engineering degree at the nearby Hamburg University of Technology can simultaneously obtain an MBA in Technology Management.

The support of those particular companies also helps provide the framework for students to obtain valuable internships that can lead to full-time employment upon graduation. Some of the classes within the MBA structure are designed to encompass law-based instruction and language classes focussing on learning German.

The small amount of students on campus comes from a wide range of different countries, immersing those individuals in a melting pot. An equally small number of faculty members guarantees that each of the classes will help the student engage in gaining more knowledge over the course of such instruction.

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    Challenging and rewarding part-time MBA program for young engineers, accredited university degree, offered since 1999; very international setting, program language is English, students and faculty from all over the world; small groups and team-based learning; extensive network of company partners in different industries; global alumni network.

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    The NIT forms for over 15 years more engineers and scientists in terms of management and leadership. Many do a double-degree program (Engineering + Management), another study part or in addition to the promotion. The program concludes with a Master of Arts or MBA in Technology Management. The faculty and the students of NIT come from around the world to Hamburg. The intercultural atmosphere here is warm and very personal. I’m always happy to the NIT!

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