The Nordakademie Graduate School (NGS), which only offered its first classes in 2013, is located in Hamburg, Germany. Branching out from the parent Nordakademie, the school offers students the opportunity to obtain an MBA. Those first classes took place in 2001 and since that time, the school has seen over 90 percent of its students graduate from the program.

That level of success has helped create the new doctoral program, where students can further advance their knowledge of the business world. The instruction involved is one that embraces the idea of practical application of ideas as opposed to the standard dry classroom lectures.

Coupled with the support of the faculty and staff, students are able to thrive in an environment that values study as one of the core principles. The number of different courses available by the experienced and talented faculty totals nine, while seasoned advice is available from the helpful staff.

The list of cooperating companies that work with NGS are far too extensive to list, yet include many major corporations like Allianz, Johnson and Johnson Medical and many other German businesses. In the latter case, such networking often can be beneficial for all involved.

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