The Newcastle Business School is connected to Northumbria University and located in the town of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Offering instruction at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the varieties of aspects related to business that are taught include areas like marketing, finance and business management. Students also have the opportunity to pursue an MBA during their studies.

Within the MBA program, students are expected to develop skills in the specific area that they focus on, making use of a more hands-on training process through different modules. Creativity in the area of segments like entrepreneurship is possible, with those looking at things from more of a customized approach branching out to leadership aspects.

An estimated 2,800 students matriculate each year to Newcastle, with some individuals pursuing doctorates that take advantage of the available research centers. Within those specific centers are many of the business facets that have previously been mentioned.

That research connection also extends to existing businesses, which allows for an expansion of networking opportunities between students and those companies. In addition, there are also knowledge transfer partnerships and consultant approaches taken.

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