The Reims Management School dates back nearly 90 years from its 1928 founding, taking its name from the town in which it set down roots. Currently, an estimated 4,200 students attend what is now the NEOMA Business School, after a 2013 merger involving Reims and the Rouen Business School. Roughly a quarter of those students come from other countries.

Two different campuses make up the Reims aspect of the school, with research a major component of the school. Those pursuing an MBA will be taught entirely in English and undertake a curriculum that blends both core classes with electives. Those students have the opportunity to take classes abroad.

That interaction with schools beyond the borders of Reims are the direct result of partnerships that are established in more than 40 countries with approximately 140 different schools. That aspect helps students gain a wider grasp of the role that international business has on the world’s economy.

For those seeking an International MBA, the need for at least three years of managerial experience is necessary, while the Executive MBA requires five years of the same experience. In the latter case, one-week study trips to New York, Beijing and Cape Town are conducted.

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