The Munich Business School (MBS) is located in Munich and was created in 1991 as EBA München. Just eight years later, it became the first Bavarian private university and took its current name in 2003, with an MBA program added two years after that. By 2011, a Masters in Sports Management was added, followed by a doctoral program in business three years later.

As part of MBS’s many services, both students and businesses can take advantage of the Career Center, while important networking possibilities can develop through interaction with the Alumni Relations department. Due to the wide range of students from across the globe that populate the campus and take part online, the school’s International Center helps navigate and assist those with questions and concerns. Companies have access to seminars, study programs and business coaching.

The scope of MBS is such that the list of partner universities is large, with more than 60 different schools trusting the instruction that takes place. In order to get the complete international feel for business that’s essentially become a requirement in the 21st Century, studying abroad serves as a key component for students that pursue a degree with the school.

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    I studied my first semester in MBS without a problem. Although, I was removed from the program because I was missing a document. They tried to contact me through the wrong email, another student’s email, and expected me to reply them. My class/year was really small (less than 30 students) and they couldn’t reach me personally, something that you could expect if you pay over 5.000 euros per semester. In addition, they gave me the “opportunity” to go back but I had to do the whole admission process from the beginning, have additional interviews with the examination officers and start over from day zero. As of today, I did not get any credits and owe my scholarship over $15.000.

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    I was not satisfied at all with Munich Business School. This is my personal opinion:
    1) The private school is in middle of nowhere, no restaurant, no Mensa and no library nearby. There is nothing of interest for a student near the Business School.
    2) Very bad organizing. Because of the big breaks in between classes, i had to spend 13 to 16 hours every day at the school, even if i had sometimes only 3 lessons a day. Often i had to wait 3 hours for the next lesson, because the Business School could not afford enough professors. As a result after so much wasted hours i was exhausted and did not have the needed time for learning, not to mention my personal life.
    4) The professors were the biggest dissapointment. Some could not talk reasonably german or english. For some classes there were no scripts, you had to remember everything during the 3 hours long lessons. Everything was taught very fast (60-80 pages a day).
    5) Very expensive for its offering. It costs 6.000€ every semester. In my opinion it was too much expensive for what it was offering. Not to mention the money needed for everything else like buying books, eating at restaurants, traveling card for the public transport and so on. Overall a very big disappointment for me.

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    Course content and teaching modules are excellent. Time table is not set properly and lot of student’s time goes waste because the timing of classes are with big time gaps.. they should be either in the morning.. so that good 5-6 hours are with the students to do other things like going to library.. understanding the city.. especially if MBS wants to have International students, it must understand that a part time job either in the evening or in the morning hours is nor possible for International students if the time table is not set properly. Secondly, the issue of rooms for students coming from outside Germany is very critical. MBS must have a tie-up with Landlords for their International students directly and not just leaf out the details of the websites that may help in looking for a room.

    Other than this, MBS is a very competitive and International Institute in nature and it will soon be a globally acclaimed business school.

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