Middlesex University Business School (MUBS) has been around for more than 50 years and during that time has established itself in the crowded category of business schools in the United Kingdom. Even before its creation, work that advanced business knowledge was being conducted on the campus of what used to be known as the Hendon College of Technology.

Different areas of study are offered, including areas like business or financial management, international business, economics and human resources. Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are included within this structure, with the MBA becoming part of the conversation during the 1980’s.

Depending on the subject involved, the time frame for completion of a degree can vary anywhere from 15 months to three years. In some cases, certification is being sought by professionals that are undertaking a subject.

The expansion of the MUBS brand has resulted in the establishment of a much smaller school that’s located in Quarry, Hong Kong and offers instruction from the main campus. In addition, German students can also obtain an MBA from the school in what is known as KMU Akademie.

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    A very ridiculous University, always make the mistake on student documents and information, you will never able to found a right person to talk or inquire, they will only reply you after half a month you left them msg.

    As a student of it, Believe me, you will regret it if you choose this university, not a world class university for sure. Similar ranking, greenwich, UEL UWL seem much more efficient and better based on the friend opinion

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    Very modern campus with great facilities including free student printing and scanning. I’ve been to other universities and this IDF they only one to offer such a suffer range of student support services to assist students in their academic learning and other types of support they may need.

    Staff are highly motivated in empowering students and are very knowledgeable.

    Transport links are also very good with 3 buzz routes, northern line at Hendon ventral and the Thameslink rail nearby.

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    A great uni and we are friendly very friendly

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    Amazing university and the best choice for university life

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    Excellent, brilliant, marvelous… I would highly recommend to foreign students!

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    Well supportive, professional and great environment

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    Never been there but looking foward to start my course on sept .

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    Middlesex University, the best i have seen. Can’t wait to join in september this year.

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    This is the one you will find cross culture

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    Teachers were helpful and always routing for you to learn and succeed

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    An amazing University with excellent facilities. Love the campus.

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    Most incompetent office staff possible. I have continuously tried to contact them to resolve a change that needs doing in my course and they still are failing to respond.

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    This is just a joke. Apart from the fact that students are literally kicked out of the main building at least once a week due to some events taking place, the security guards will try to annoy you by asking for your ID even if you are inside a classroom(which requires an ID card) logged in to the computer(which requires a student ID as well). They try to increase their reputation by inviting other universities to events but then they eventually lose it by students that are already looking forward to the third year so they can finish their survey and give you the worst rating ever because of this.

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    I am studying a master degree as an international student, I completely disappointed, they change the syllabus completely which is even worse, they cancel our paid conference and try to find other guest speaker for us which is completely irrelevant from our master subject, they wasted our time by duplicating the content among the lecturers, and they find someone who doesn’t even work or know this industry to teach us, it really make our classmates feel like Middlesex university is ripping us off. I went to the open evening, not ever one of the staff from this master show up, adm staff just gave us the last year syllabus handbook, which is completely changed this year, really more than disapointed, if you just wanna find a university, there are plenty choices rather than Middlesex university, the lecturer here most of them are not from the UK or english speaking country.

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    Unprofessional customer service managers. Basically they told me that, they are going to contact UCAS HEP desk and they didn’t done it,yet!

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    as an alumni, This university is a amazing learning environment, with fantastic staff and teachers who help and support the students in every year of their studies.
    Great open spaces and good facilities

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    Good base to study various degrees. Excellent facilities and helpful staff are some of the features of this good University. The location is uplifting with some green areas of the Grove Park. Good online resource base to support your studies.

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    The University deserves a far higher ranking than it currently has. I would love to study at Middlesex university !!!!

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    Its very beautiful would like to join it this year

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    The biggest mistake I’ve ever made was coming here.

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    Not because I’ve studied 4 years and worked for another 3, but I love it. It may not be the highest on the ranking, but just come and check the structure and you will be amazed. And like everywhere else it has good and bad academics.

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    One of my friend Learned Fashion Textiles Degree, BA Honors

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    There are some very mixed reviews here. Some are very harsh. Others are, I would say, fair. My own experience of MDX has both good and bad elements.

    It is true, I have to say, that the general administration of MDX is, at best, difficult (it’s often been known by students as ‘Muddlesex’ – muddled meaning mixed-up). I do not believe this has anything to do with the staff, but rather it is something to do with the various systems they use and the way they ‘talk’ to each other. I was a full time MA student but was registered as part time for nearly six months. There were many trips to many people to collect many forms, but it didn’t seem to help. None of this really mattered until it came to registering for dissertation and course work submissions. Then it became critical. I had completed work that they were unable to accept. You get the idea.

    The facilities at MDX are good, but like any University in close proximity to London, the facilities have many challengers. This can give a biased view by just how good or bad things are. Having studied at a Kings College London and MDX, it would be fair to say the facilities are comparable.

    There are great sports facilities. There are many food outlets. There are places to study and hang out. The online resources are excellent (once you have learnt to use them). The support services, if you access them in time, are second to none.

    All my tutors, even the ones ‘I didn’t like’, were excellent. In the ‘real world’ you’ll find many people you don’t want to be around, but you will have to work together. They are not waiters who serve a tray of information – as some reviews seem to perceive them. At best they are collaborators. At worst they are a NECESSARY evil. Suck-it-up and focus on what you are there to achieve. If you think you can come to MDX and buy a degree, think again.

    (One reviewer commented that they didn’t like the smell of the corridors. If the the choice of cleaning product is something that really concerns them then, I have to say, I’m beyond works. MDX is clean. Clinically clean.)

    There are many international, fee paying, students at MDX. This is a very good thing. But it does mean there are two groups of people at MDX. There are those who come from very affluent backgrounds who have extremely high expectations. Then there are other students who live a much more modest existence and experience things differently. For me, this accounts for some of the extremely negative reviews of the services and facilities. For any international student, fees can be considered very high. But, they are comparable with all other London universities, and in fact, in many cases are lower. (Recently I heard of a student at London School of Economics who raised a petition to gain a refund for a class that was cancelled because the Tutor was very ill. Really? I hope this attitude never comes to MDX).

    Although money is a core factor when attending a university, whether taken from the perspective of MDX or a student, the purpose of a University is NOT operate purely on commercial terms. MDX comes from a tradition of colleges that consider practical application as relevant as purely academic concerns. They also aspire to make education available to all – whether low income locals, or affluent internationals. These values are part of the core of MDX. It’s what sets it aside from other colleges. MDX, I believe, does it’s best to fulfil its ambitions. Thus, you get mixed abilities, mixed incomes and muddled expectations.

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    A very nice university ,the teacher very friendly and communicate.I get my Bachelor from Middelex University .The only negative thing is that the students in Sheppard Library in the silence are 3rd floor they don’t respect nobody , all the time talking .make noise .
    However, printing is free for students.A lot of books and computers.Also, not response with the university expensive area and poor. University facilities are good.
    The stuff are very communicate and helpful.

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    My son graduated from here and now using talents taken from here.

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    Absolute waste! horrific place to go to!

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    9 grand for this kind of education… appaling…

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    They should be a bit more kind hearted shall we say to their students y’all know?

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    Amazing Infrastructure however, Corrupt Teachers, too bias in marking. Personally im an international student and Therefore I dont recommend any overseas student to spend thousands of pounds on such a university.

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    Really horrible place. Lecturer Candace is really unprofessional unmotivational so happy to have left here and to be in the university I am. She is the reason I left as she was soooo rude and sarcastic.

    Disgusting really. You should motivate your students not put them down. Not paying 9 grand for them to treat you horribly.

    She put me in tears and I am now at a university where the teachers are amazing and supportive!

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    modular facilities targeted for the sole purpose of creating study conditions.

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    My biggest mistake in my whole life was deciding to go to this horrible place.

    Extremely unprofessional, I have spent a year writing my dissertation and in one second they changed my supervisor because mine left. And then the new one didn’t know me and since they transferred me to her I emailed her millions of times with no response.

    Just before handing in, i saw her and she said in such a rude way you just came two days before the deadline! I couldn’t say anything but did you check your email?? She made me lose 6 months of my life just because she is not sure if I did it, I told them you can contact my previous supervisor and he knows me. I was extremely upset and I decided to sue them.
    And in one day!!!!!! I had my certificate because what??? I was right, and I had all my evidence with me.
    This is why I’m telling you, just don’t even think of going there for your own health.

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    Catering manager lesbian woman must be the rudest woman I ever meet here

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    Middlesex University is a public university in Hendon, north west London, England. It is located within the historic county boundaries of Middlesex from which it takes its name.

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    An awesome place to complete graduation, enjoyed the sessions as they do not get boring thanks to the crew who make learning fun.

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    I am willing to visit this university

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    I am more than proud to be part of Middlesex University and I do consider it to be a reliable institution with very friendly staff.I came in here to study,to learn..It is really beyond my expectations! Library is huge! Computers are for free! Free printing! And the teachers are always there to help…I know
    I have done the right choice! May not be as famous as other institutions but it’s definitely improving every year and I consider it to be my home! Bravo Middlesex!

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    I’m not a student so can’t speak for the quality of the tuition, but it’s a beautiful campus, especially the Quadrant. A nice mix of old and new with carparking, gym and more.

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    Worst customer service ever. Always waiting for a response up to half an hour or more and call is still not answered!

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    Good university not the best ranking but still good

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    Best uni ever for all courses, Teaching is great, the facilities are amazing, and the environment are refreshing, I would recommend students to apply to this uni, I had a great time

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    Awful university. Unfriendly staff and students. Staff overuse group assessments because they are lazy and it gives them less work to mark.

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    View and good location

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    From my experience, nothing works at Middlesex University. The admission process is a mess, they do not answer e-mails or messages, the classrooms are too small for my class size, and they even had to suspend classes to replace a teacher because the content taught was extremely low quality … And now that I have to pay my fees, their online payment system does not work! I’m waiting for 30 minutes in which to pay my fees by telephone. It must be some kind of sick joke. I definitely would not recommend studying at Middlesex University.

    According to my experience, nothing works at Middlesex University. The admissions process is a mess, they do not respond to e-mails or messages, the classrooms are too small for the size of my class and they even had to suspend classes to replace a teacher because the content taught was extremely low Quality … And now that I need to pay the fees, the online payment system does not work. I’m waiting 30 minutes in line to pay for the phone. Must be a bad joke. I definitely do not recommend studying at Middlesex University.

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    Atrocious university. Courses are extremely disorganised.

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  46. 5


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    Middlesex University gathers valuable aspects of education in England. Youth prepared with high professional goals. It is also a charming, full of harmony. Happy Birthday.

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    This University has a very good educational structure. The staffs are very helpful. The facilities is very updated and modern. My only criticism is that some of the students doesn’t take their education seriously and doesn’t take advantage what this University can offer.

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    I cant wait till go there about studyin graphic design:)

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    great music de partment. lots off lovely pianos.
    vary help full staff..

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    Is it true that living in Hendon is much cheaper than in the other parts of London?

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    In my third year studying Business Management BA and I’m happy to say this university is good.

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    Never been there b4 but it seems it’s gonna be awesome there, looking forward to be der next year..gonna be glad if admitted,hehehee.

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    Students are not serious about their studies at all, very reluctant course work. Poor quality students.

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    overall the university is excellent. But my course bachelors in business information system is a disgusting piece of mess that some hideous weirdos have mashed up together somehow. The course and the lecturers suck and the content is more suitable for high school rather than a university.

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    All the students are wasting their life away at the expense of the tax payer… Get a job you lazy people.

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    The Cat Hill Campus has moved to Hendon.

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    Anna Wieclaw, is a disgrace to the university. Unprofessional and not fit to be around students, due to her many articles on the Internet as well as that horrid accent. I would not recommend Middlesex university solely for this reason.

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