With a legacy that dates back to 1889, the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School (MMUBS) has been providing a steady stream of graduates with a business background to a variety of companies. This includes those that are based in the United Kingdom and those across the globe.

The classes at the undergraduate level encompass virtually every aspect of business, with advanced degrees building on that instruction. More than 20 Master of Science options exists, with four different MBA’s also among the considerations open to students. One of the main areas of emphasis relates to developing the concept of entrepreneurship.

Three different areas related to business zero in on study of things like financial numbers, the role of management and areas focused on the selling of products.

To supplement the work of the instructors and to initiate relationships with different industries, MMUBS has set up six different research centers. The types of innovations that are potentially available make the changes over the course of nearly 130 years a far cry from the school’s original focus in the area of simple commerce.

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