Despite having been operating for less than two decades, the London School of Commerce (LSC) has been able to grow its student body to over 6,000 individuals after its beginnings with just 55 students to instruct. Those early years were a joint connection between LSC and Australia’s Charles Sturt University.

Just seven years after opening its doors, LSC became a Cardiff Metropolitan University associate college. Only a year later, a greater focus on accounting and business led to the School of Business and Law that made LSC an associate college under the University of Gloucestershire.

Not content to stand still, LSC then took a large leap by expanding to both Bangladesh and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By 2011, three more countries were represented with the inclusion of Sri Lanka, Serbia and India.

LSC’s main programs for their undergraduates are Computing along with Business and Management Studies. Master of Science programs focus on the growing tourism and hospitality market, with management and information technology also under this umbrella. Finally, an MBA and doctorate for Business and Management Sciences round out the studies.

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    Definitely the worst educational institution I’ve ever seen. Studied there for 2 years, extremely bad relations among the students and stuff.
    They don’t even bother to listen to you!
    Avoid avoid avoid.
    If possible don’t even get closer than 100 meters from this college.
    Nearly 10 of my class mates left the course in the half way.
    The only thing they care is your money.

    Edit: I checked the comments after I put my comment on. Don’t believe the ones say good things about this college because they are all their own stuff as I studied here and I know them all.

    LSC sorry for the 1 star there was nothing less…

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    Brilliant college awesome atmosphere, very helpful staff and most importantly the faculty is very very professional and helpful. Must recommend if you want to study business courses.

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    Waste of money stay away from this institute

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    Completed my BA(Hons) in Business Studies at its Dhaka Campus, it’s a very good institute to earn a British Degree by being at home. Faculties were great with amazing knowledge on modern businesses, good library and lab set-up, proper student lounge with a pool table, television and a vending machine, students can give it a go if they want to complete their studies in short period of time. Just remember to ask the staffs or faculties if you face any sorts of difficulties or confusion. And lastly i was not paid to post this comment i posted it cause i really loved studying at LSC, its like a small family.

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    Nice environment for study with good and helpful faculty

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    4 years ago, i studied there, it was great experience. I came out with Merit in MBA international business , and it was all hard work.i can still recommend it. Some people are criticising the college bc the college never allowed them to use it as means of coming to UK , but never wanted to study. In that case the college will report them to Home Office. that’s why they are not happy. The college is cheap and yet you come out with University cert.

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    Just loved that place. An awesome place to be at.

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    Worst place ever! this is a waste of money and time, old buildings, bad teachers and only interested in money!

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    Nice environment plus less stressful on having deadlines on course assignments.

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    Sorry I provide one star because I can’t select zero star here which I think this college deserves. To be honest, this is the worst place of study I ever ever seen in my life both in UK and my back home. They just care about the college reputation because they will nothing if UKBA suspend their licence, but they don’t really care about students. All the times assignments, exams and no study. On every request, they will say “sorry we can’t do this”. Even you can’t apply your own visa by yourself, doesn’t matter if your employer will kick you off for non-provision of visa application submission receipt/proof.

    You can estimate the worth of the college through this point that they attracting students through huge discounts providing through their marketing agents for no reason. I got £2,000 discount for no reason, wow 🙂

    This college is good if you want visa, but if you want to study, please don’t go there.

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    Worst marketing staff no respect for student’s time and money.

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    Bogus college. Only interested in fee. they are due to return my £3000 and I been contact with many times. They do not response. They just ignore you if you are asking for a refund.
    The awful college.

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    In association with Cardiff Metropolitan University, London School of Commerce provides high quality and surprisingly affordable education. A top British MBA for just £6,950 is incredible value, and well worth 12 months of hard work.

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