Having reached its 125th year of operation under a variety of names, London South Bank University (LSBU) is located in the town of Newington and in the borough of Southwark. The growth of this institution since first opening its doors in 1892 has led to the current student population of an estimated 17,600 people.

For the first 78 years, the school was known as the Borough Polytechnic Institute and originally focused on teaching trades to the local population. More artistic programs were soon developed, though the onset of World War I turned the school into a production center for things like gas masks and munitions.

World War II was far worse for the school, with more than 30 percent of the campus wiped out by German bombing during its infamous Blitz. The destroyed structures would be rebuilt after the way and additional expansion helped the school continue to grow.

Subsequent name changes were made in 1970 to Polytechnic of the South Bank and South Bank Polytechnic in 1987, the precursor to 1992’s full university status and its more contemporary name.

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    I studied here for the past few years. Its a good uni with so many different facilities to use. But its a city uni not a campus. On the other hand the location is really good, you leave the station and you are in uni which is very convenient you dont have to walk very far at all and easy to find.

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    It’s a university where you get out what you put in. If you want to be spoon fed your education then best avoid. If you’re willing to make an effort then the staff and facilities are more than accommodating.

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    My experience at this uni was terrible. I was here last year and did a foundation course and I did not enjoy my time. The lecturers are so rude and incompetent, many of them can’t speak English very well and don’t help you. One time I summitted my assignment and on results day, I never got my results and scored 0 because apparently I never summitted my assignment when I have proof that I did and I wasn’t the only one who suffered from this. The links don’t update so it makes it hard for you to submit your assignments. Would never recommend this uni to anyone. The only good thing about the uni is the security. That’s about it

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    Its an excellent university with all the support.

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    had a great time. world class facilities great university

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    You will never find a job with a degree from LSBU. Totally rubbish.

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    Studied BEng Civil Engineering here part time whilst working as a engineering technician and found the course/uni excellent. Now I am a graduate engineer working towards being chartered whilst studying a part time MSc in Structural Engineering, also at LSBU. You get out what you put in!

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    I was feeling very happy that I have to go to open day event on 12.march but I didn’t have enough information.So I decided to contact them Idon’t think I have been more humiliated ever in my life like these two (women and man) who was speaking with me from reception. Had to call twice because man was so rude that e even didn’t listen what I needed.
    First they said they can’t understand what course Im talking about(Food science and nutrition) and was making fun out of it.I was asking to the man if they even take international students because it seems you just like to make fun out of how they are speaking.Second when I was asking where exactly I have to go when I arrive on Saturday they were like I don’t know, you have to call some other department and the girl was laughing in phone saying “I don’t know where you have to go”.
    Finally I still didn’t find out where I have to go on open day event and Im feeling very sad.
    I can’t believe that there is people like them two who are arrogant to new comers. Do you guys even know how hard it is for someone who’s English language is not mother language ?

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    Surprisingly easy to get in… the building I guess not the university 😀

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    Very good university. Some of the best Professors in their respective fields. Location is second to none. Very good place for international students.

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    Visited their community day as a charity, very supportive

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    Make sure you turn your assignments in using pdf.
    That will ensure there are no issues regarding results….. ie tampered with vs corrupted by computer.

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    Way under my expectations. I came here for an open day and went for a presenation about the uni as a start. It was really bad. The presenation wasn’t fully developed, wasn’t informative and very unprofessional. The speaker at this presenation had a child (don’t know if it was her’s or a some kind of other family member) that had to switch slides of her presentation (like she couldn’t do it herself). This child was playing with the remote (mouse) on the screen without her knowing and made it really hard to focus and to read the presenation. Secondly, i went for a talk on architecture. I got nothing out of this presenation because the speaker wasn’t English and her accent was really heavy and tough to understand. Her presenation consisted of nothing but some images of previous work and nothing about the course information. The tour on architecture wasn’t informative as well and left before it ended. In this uni, i felt like the uni only cares about reputation and not about education, perhaps this may not be the case, but that was my first impression which is the most important.

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    Excellent establishment, modern facilities and friendly people.

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    Zacarias Moussaoui IS A NOTABLE ALUMNI ROFL LMAO

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    The best ever place to be for a gaming student. . .

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    The shittest thing ever happen to me .Its not even a university it like a high school who just want money.Its not a university its a business
    The heads are properly unexperience and not cooperative.The people who look after the fees and accounts of the university are also teachers so sometime the same teacher would take u out of the class and till u to leave because of ur Fees.dont come here u will waste ur time and money to .the people who graduated from here told that there degrees have no value outside

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    I graduated from London South Bank University, it has a special place in my heart with so much memories…Miss my lectures and my course mates…

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    Before you become a student read this: From their ‘meeting’ policy:

    2.1.2 Unlawful meeting
    Means any Meeting or other Activity at which there is a likelihood that the
    speaker(s) may:
    • incite the meeting to commit a crime;
    • incite the meeting to racial hatred;
    • commit an offence under the Public Order and Prevention of Terrorism
    • commit blasphemy, sedition, slander or a breach of confidence.

    BLASPHEMY. Here in the land of free speech – where people fought wars to say what they like – and it is banned here. Amazing. Unbelievable.

    Avoid this place if you can – your liberty is at stake.

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    Awful. The library was a shambles with few books listed as being in stock actually available – all presumably stolen. Lectures were an uninspiring death by PowerPoint by people that didn’t seem to know about the subject. Feedback was non-existent with staff never available.

    Apply somewhere else.

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    Students exiting the Student Centre and spitting on the floor ruined my first impression

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    I did my master in LSBU. Good professors k but i think this university is only for blacks and muslims. I don’t suggest this uni for other Europeans. I was in London and i thought that i was in Africa.

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    London South Bank University has great amenities, lecturers and courses. Student feel safe, inclusive and happy to learn. The support and understanding I get from my tutors is fabulous. LSBU gave me the opportunity to follow my own pathway!!! Really pleased to be a student here!!!

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    teachers really helpful for students, really gd location, easy to navigate round the building and joins modern and old together. very friendly lecturers. facilities top notch. one bad thing is u feel slightly enclosed in the buildings

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    This uni. Was awesome to study buiness & finance management.

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    I’m a course director at LSBU in the Sport Science and Coaching courses. Students pay a great deal of money to attend our courses and the university is completely committed to providing all the necessary support for students to meet the high standards of our degrees. If you are willing to work hard, then you can really “Become what you want to be”!
    If you have questions about your degree talk with the course director, they are there to help.

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    The lecturers were willing and committed to assisting the students to learn. The university has a strong equal opportunity policy and they assisted everyone. I love London South Bank University. Jennifer Alimin. The Law department is great.

    The classrooms and toilets were always clean. Great learning environment. Highly recommended and I am very proud to have got a degree at this uni.

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    Mediocre at best. Corporations in America do not value the University and thus there are better choices for the money out there.

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    Good uni and better campus, plenty for the students to do and great party spots

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    Would not recommend this university. Went to an open day and was really put off. I however had previously already applied to this university and had received an interview. I decided to still attend the interview and keep this university as a back up. HOWEVER, once I attended the university we were sat there waiting for a lecturer. We had waiting for atleast 15 mins before they came and nothing had been set up in terms of the presentation slides,information sheets. NOTHING. Also,previous to the interview process we had undertaken a maths and english test,if we passed we were given an interview. However on the day of the interview,we had been given ANOTHER english test to do,which no one had expected. The presentation was really bad and when getting interviewed by 5 different people,it was even worse. Out of the 5 people interviewing only 1 person was nice and asked questions in regards to the chosen course. The other questions included ‘a man in his pajamas is shopping,what do you do’? There were many questions which were totally unrelated to the subject area. I was really shocked by how disorganized everything and everyone was. I would not recommend this university. Like they say,first impressions are lasting impressions,lets just say that this university did not make a great impression AT ALL

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    Best University in London with A+ education standard

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    Wonderful modern university in the heart of the city.
    Studying MSc and enjoying it. Good teacher quality and specially the library is huge with modern facilities.

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    Studied there for 3 years, one of the best universities in London! Thank you for the experience LSBU

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    It is a good University with high tech. facilities

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    London Southbank is the place to go in London. We went there to see the Beano exhibtion and spent all day walking around the many sights it had to offer. Very enjoyable day out

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    controlarrr control …. and …. ke all kede perfect …..

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    It is a very good University with brilliant facilities! Staff are very friendly and would go out of their way to help you! All the labs and classrooms are equipped with latest modern facilities. The location is great in the zone1 of London. The University runs many specalised courses which are very reputed. There are many international students which mean one can broaden their horizons greatly by interacting with fellow students who come to study from other parts of the world. It is the number 1 Modern University in the United Kingdom for Graduate starting salaries! Many of the buildings are newly constructed and very up to date. The security systems are excellent! The courses run here are very much catered to industry specific requirements hence employability prospects are hugely widened. The University accomodations are very spacious and appropriately equipped. All in all a great place to live and study in the heart of the largest urban zone in the European Union!

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    Brilliant new student life centre come and9 see!!!!

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    Great food excellent service cheap drinks

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    Rubbish Uni, its degrees are not respected by employers. If you’ve messed up your A-Levels, it’s worth re-sitting them in the hope of getting good enough grades for entry into a good mid-table University. Many of the students at South Bank have poor language and numeracy skills, so courses are diluted and dumbed-down. The University exists to widen access to higher education, but sadly it has to lower standards and academic rigour in order to do that. On the plus side, it has good vocational courses which may be worth doing if specifically allied to your job or paid by employers. If you’ve done A-Levels and are looking to get a good respectable English degree…avoid this place! The campus is also gloomy and lodged in the heart of the most awful part of Southwark.

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    Truly one of the best in the world, Oxford eat your heart out!

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