London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) was the brainchild of entrepreneur Aaron Etingen, who created it in 2003. After beginning only in two campuses within London, additional campuses were set up in the cities of Birmingham and Manchester. The two campuses in London can be found in Holborn and Tower Hill.

It has since expanded to include the cities of Chicago, Hannover and Vancouver, with Malaysia and Singapore also included. Finally, online access through the learning platform known as Interactive has effectively made the remainder of the world one giant campus for LSBF to expand its roots.

LSBF emphasizes the areas of finance and marketing, with international business another concern. That explains why the school has offered bachelor degrees, MBA’s and Master of Science degrees in those areas. Other educational aspects are set up to accommodate professional training, including those for executives and those seeking to reach that status.

As a result of educational reforms instituted in 2011, the school saw huge growth from a relative handful of students to what now consists of over 6,000 individuals learning business principles.

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    Do not go to this college. They are out to get your money and they will not hear a single complaint. Avoid like the plague. LSBF are rotten to the core.

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    who ever said LSBF is a gd uni is so obvious that they work for LSBF!!!!. DO NOT GO TO THIS UNI!!!!! its an embarrassment and i dont even call it a uni!!!!!!! regret every second im there!!!! FALSE ADVERTISING is what they r gd at oh look at us we look gd but inside most horrible uni ever!!! have no idea how it runs!!!! I CAN SOME IT UP IN A FEW WORDS!!!: IF it was in america it would not exist cos it would have so many lawsuits up it rear end!!!!! The UNI is a F******* JOKE!!!!! I’ve been waiting for 6 MONTHS for my DIPLOMA!!!! Still haven’t received it!!!!±

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    PATHETIC service ever….. I have been asking LSBF to send my post graduate diploma from a year now, No body bother to reply my emails.

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    Living the experience so far as an MBA student. Great support from tutors and student support officers. Well structured course. The learnings are really adding value as an employee in the banking sector.

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    I did studies as European student. A horrible a worsted organisation ever, embarrassment for students, low administration in all departments, lecturers could not show up in your lectures, in my practice between 16 modules I had 3 charismatic lecturers, rest of the lecturers was with so strong accent that you cant understand what they talking in lecturers. Some of lecturers, left school to not deliver our courses. Seems like high turnover! After all they been covered with previous lecturers! To deliver and finalize modules! Library contains old literature, admin office is “something” the best way is just not go there you will never find your information.
    A shallowness is obvious when you will entry this organisation and pay your fees. You will never receive updates for admin office about changes in your study schedule or location. Some of lectures been canceled some of them been just not happen.
    I did achieved there HND 2013-2015, each semester we went through changes in submitting timings and lectures, my assignments been marked only after late July in 2015 therefore I been late also with two assignments which been resubmitted in September 2015, after all my assignments been held in admin office and as I did come and call every week my assignment’s been marked ONLY in January 2016 and my HND degree finaly was done and claimed certificate in 2016 MARCH. But during this year I have lost my place in university as I couldn’t get out my degree. Now year 2016 I received my overall grade and my degree been claimed in march 2016, now is May I still not having my degree! I calling and emailing to LSBF admin office and program leaders every week twice and there is no respond, past week I found interesting information on the phone conversation that Edexcel blocked LSBF to claim certificates! When I contacted with my program lecturer I been explained that my certificate been claimed! and I need wait, by some strange reasons students received certificates which been claimed in April one moth later after me! This is unbelievable, the most interesting thing that LSBF admin office not shows any empathy or responsibility, mostly when you calling to LSBF none calls you back, all you need to do is to arrive there!
    After all my classmates also graduated within delays, and been forced study or retake them top up later or some of them study and retake HND courses in other colleges and universities. As you might see they not selling education, but they destroying student dreams and lifes and also taking fees for that!
    Don’t trust them marketing campaign this is “out minded” study organisation ever, one thing is make moneys other deliver products and have social responsibility, this study organisation don’t have any!!!!
    By my opinion British government must do audit, resolve and release this organisation, remove licensing and shut down forever this institution!
    And I know there is many trials been won against LSBF!!!
    But as smallest what I do start it trial against LSBF!!!
    Future students please take my comment as consideration and DON’T GO STUDY TO LSBF, THIS IS EMBARRASSMENT AND MOST FRUSTRATING TIME IN MY LIFE EVER!!!!!

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    Absolutely horrendous! The worst experience I have ever had! They treat international students like trash. A single day’s absence is responded to with strong worded email with threat to report the student to Home Office and close their account. Appalling study environment in my opinion because you are so scared of what they can do that it is difficult to concentrate, besides the staff are so rude and treat international students as if they are doing them a big favour! Lecture materials for ACCA are outdated e.g 2014 is simply changed to 2013 with a piece of paper to mention but a few! Only interested in students money! Makes a clear distinction between international and home students(home students are treated differently). I promise you will regret. Very nice to you before you pay fees in full once they get your money, it’s a HELL HOLE. Run don’t look back forget their marketing campaigns, read reviews on them, my candid advice in summary is:NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE! ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD! TO BE FOREWARNED IS TO BE FOREARMED

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    A great community to help You pursue your dreams. Miss Agata is very representative and helpful <3

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    Absolutely horrible, Don’t come here. Otherwise, you will loose your valuable time. Threse is no support for students. They think only about money. But some teachers are nice and experienced.

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    I was doing kind things for reasons of principle here kaleli my liking than 16 years old if you ask my personal opinion and I wanna go there

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    Avoid going there. The worst place to study ever. They treat international students as a trash. No respect at all from reception team. There are 200 students in some rooms. DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!

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    SCAM, Stay away from them at all expenses.
    They cancelled the course I signed up to and still holding onto my money, every time I call they say they say it got to the last stage, but guess what over 6 months now and still no money back. Worst experience I had with an institute.

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    Thieves, non-proffessional and a great time liars.
    Please avoid at all costs

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    it’s okay if you are strong enough to fight with the situation they will put you in otherwise PLEASE better find other way AND ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO GIVE FIVE STAR TO THIS COLLEGE HAVE NO IDEA IN OVERALL WHAT ARE THE QUALITY OF FIVE STAR.

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    One of the worst experience, I ever had. I have a lot of gabs because most of the teachers don’t know how to teach and I had to do my own research from the internet so i could learn and pass my exams. Book materials are not good sometimes information from questions are missing or the answers in the back of the book don’t much with the questions , class notes the same think . They only care about the attention and not for the students. Comparing the answers in the books with the answers they give you in the class , they are not the same and during the revision you are getting confused instead of learning. I am very dissatisfied with the college i wouldn’t recommend it to no one. If you actually want to learn anything, you should not go, I am really really disappointed!!!!!

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    Left the best of the impressions on me.Flawless infrastructure, great teachers and lovely staff. Would return in the blink of an eye.

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    Teachers are great but student service staffs are so rude. They treat you like you are begging them something. Horrible!

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    bad college ever.. had a worst experience for 2 years.. got rid of it finally..

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    One of the worst private colleges in the UK. The owner doesn’t even care if anyone shows up to classes or not, this is exactly why their student visa status was withdrawn from UKBA.

    The staff members are rude although some of the lecturers are all right. Definitely NOT recommend it unless you are here to work not study.

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    Amazing experience during the time I spent there. the quality of the lecturers is really good.

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    This is the worst school you could ever form part of. If you are thinking of doing a long-distance course with them – DON’T!
    They charged thousands of pounds for the course,then informed us that they cannot provide us with the Master’s degree we signed up for, and after asking for an immediate refund – 5 months later – no one has bothered to reply and they are still in possession of my money!

    The same has happened to the rest of my classmates in that course.


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    I’ve studied accountancy with BPP and Kaplan. The major providers. I was weary of the LSBF as they were a bit cheaper, but did have a weekend course that suited my availability.

    I was very impressed. Studying P2 meant I had a quirky but well drilled lecturer who walked through complex accounting with succinct and articulate ease.

    The admin is a little over the top…you essentially have to enrole as if you were back at uni…but you soon forget that when the course materials, locations (mine was next the Gerkin) and lecturer were all of high quality.

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    I am really enjoying the faculty, the environment and studying here. I have made a lot of friends. The course is of course hard but the teachers are really very good. I would recommend this course to other people from Pakistan. I also very much enjoy London!

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    I enjoy studying here because of the global spirit

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    I chose LSBF after hearing such great things from a close friend who graduated with a fantastic job after he graduated from the school. I am glad that I followed his advice! I found the course to be extremely industry relevant. The lecturers were able to share tons of real life experience, which really made the topics come to life. The staff were fantastic and the school provided the opportunity to network with future business leaders from around the world!

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    CIMA being a challenging course we definitely need a supportive platform to get through. LSBF has been playing a great role to help all the prospective students to achieve the particular rewarding career.
    I personally have found LSBF really good place to study. I enjoy the course and of course the multi cultural environment. To all who wants to pursue the CIMA qualification I highly recommend LSBF.

    Binod S. Ghatani
    CIMA Student

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    I studied at LSBF and it is very strange for me to read all those negative words about it. I studied MBA full-time, graduated last year. The only drawback I can think of is the timetable which is not always convenient but this is subjective, of course. The tuition they provide is good and all in all they gave me a good start.

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    Studying for CIMA at LSBF has bee n a good experience. The Tutors are quite knowledgeable and create a great learning atmosphere. The staff are also very helpful and on hand to help with any issues. I would definitely recommend.

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    Great place to study. Excellent tutors to help in you in your profession. Studied ACCA and on the verge of completing with LSBF’s help.

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    Lsbf is an interesting institute I must say and its got a first class student to lecturer communication and holds students from different places all over the world which makes it a great place in terms of student social life. And I wouldn’t think twice recommending it to friends and family because its a wonderful place to build a career.

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    i have had a very good experience at LSBF – teaching and resources available have been very helpful. i hope to continue on this journey of learning and discovery

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    Great place. Locations are very interesting and simple to understand, qualification of lecturers is very high, many good examples and group work. I sure that knowledge that I get here would make enormous impact on mu future.

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    I attend evening classes while studying CIMA during 2012/13. Initially picked LSBF as it was very convenient to work and also quite a bit cheaper than Kaplan/BPP.
    I think the quality of the teaching, with one or two exceptions, is high. Tutors were excellent at directing you to the material on which you would be examined and knew the syllabus extremely well. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the focus is very much on giving students what they need to pass the exam and not a great deal more. This is all most students want in any case. However, high achievers may be frustrated by the lack of ambition.
    Signing up to an in class course gets you access to LSBF’s online portal which includes video recordings of lectures and is very useful.
    As others have said, the administration side of the college is woeful. The classrooms and campus is a little underwhelming but sufficient if you only intend to be there during teaching time. Locate itself is excellent with the tube station metres away.

    Overall I would recommend LSBF for CIMA, especially if cost is a constraint. I think the teaching is the equal of Kaplan/BPP even if the facilities are not.

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    overall experience at LSBF is good. well experienced and helpful tutor is the best thing over here. As being situated at heart of London , even if you don’t like the campus the places nearby are happening. flexible timetable give you enough room to study and prepare for Ur exams. thumps up .

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    I am studying ACCA in LSBF, I really like the courses here, and the teachers are very nice. I have studied for about one year and I am going to continue my study here.

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    I have been studying at Lsbf for last two years and doing Acca.I am from Pakistan and this college has the best trainers that helped me progress through my course.

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    The worst experience I have ever had in an educational institution. Don’t be fooled by the reviews 😉

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    I am an Msc. Finance student and i am so delighted i attended LSBF as the lecturers are so attentive to student needs. i must acknowledge to the fact that i have really seen valued added to my knowledge base and i would not hesitate to recommend this institution to prospective students.

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    Avoid this institute at all cost. I joined for an online msc program, to see incredible delays like 10 months to release a module result. Lack of communication and zero transparency.

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    I’ve just started my Foundation course in LSBF. I’ve chosen LSBF because I read lots of recommendations from students, and I was advised to enroll in LSBF by organizations, that offer education services. And now I should say that I’m happy with my choice. The first reason is that our campus is situated in the centre of London. Our building and classrooms are clean, it has modern equipment. Our tutors are highly qualified. If you have any problem they will help you to solve them. The other reason is the knowledge that LSBF provides. I have no doubts that after finishing my course in LSBF I will be good specialist in Business area.

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    I am studying MSc (Finance and Investment) and had the exposure to practical nitty gritty’s of my subject’s complexities and develop and mould career and personality for the challenging economic environment ahead. Its a great multi- cultural experience and has got a convenient location.

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    Quite shocked with the reviews! Of course each school has its strengths and weekneases. I took almost all my ACCA papers with LSBF and would like to stand up for the tutors, they are really the best ones that I happened to work with! Since the day I applied and till the finish line everybody was full of attentions and kindnesses.
    4 stars because of some management issues, but this is something that they can sort quite fast.

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    A very interesting school, and a high qualified lecturers

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    I’m studying the post graduate certificate with LSBF and so far I’ve been especially impressed with the lecturers real world experience and how the theory applies to business goals from any angle that need be considered. The campus and facilities are in a central location located a few minutes away from kings cross and all core facilities are provided such as a library and online course management.

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    Before studying with LSBF I had struggled to pass ACCA exams first time and couldn’t seem to get F9. I felt that I needed to change my style of study away from Classroom learning. I’m dyslexic so I needed something that was more repetitive rather than sitting in a class room being talked at for 8 hours.

    I decided to go with the LSBF online course, for just over £200 with the option to take 3 classes for the price of 2. I wasn’t sure what to expect and wasn’t expecting that much. What I got for my money was all the text books sent to my door, access to a library of videos, the ability to talk 1to1 with a tutor and have progress tests and a mock exams marked with feedback.

    The library of videos consisted of about 3 or more videos per chapter, which you can watch over again, pause, rewind and replay, which was really perfect for me.

    At the end of the course I finally managed to pass F9 and passed P1 first time. I just missed out on P2, as I had passed my mock exam LSBF have given me access to the online materials for free. I couldn’t be happier with the support of both the administrators and the tutors.

    Definitely recommend the online courses if your struggling to fit study around a full time job and especially if your not suited to classroom learning like me!

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    I am doing the ACCA at LSBF. Just love it!

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    I have been studying the ACCA with LSBF since Paper F4, Having passed all 9 papers first time I am now doing my final 2 papers with LSBF. The quality of tuition has been excellent and the resources provided are second to none. I would highly recommend using LSBF for any professional qualifications.

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    It is a fantastic school! I study ACCA and MSC here. And very enjoy the study and services!

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    Excellent environment and tutors like Francis providing excellent tuition, nice to be here for ACCA

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    I started a MSc in Finance in August 2012 with LSBF. I mostly liked the practical aspect of my programe and enjoyed the support of lecturers and my fellow students. I’d thoroughly reccomend LSBF! Thanks for all your support!

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    I studied Business English at LSBF in Toronto and I had one of the most wonderful experiences in my life! The teachers are just great and they really put an effort to make the classes interesting and updated according to the industry trends. I feel like I really improved my skills in the language, especially in the business environment. Also I made very nice friends and I miss Toronto sooo much!! It’s such a great city!!

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    I’m studying CIMA at LSBF. I started my studies here recently and I feel very comfortable here already. The location is great, because you are right in central London and it’s convenient for transport as well as socialising and shopping! I love the canteen too!

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    I am studying PG certificate in LSBF, and I am getting the most positive Feelings every class, like it so much. Teachers are very useful and positive that gives me confidence in my future plans

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    Bunch of Crooks, Ripping international students off. They still owe £9000.

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    I have been with LSBF Since the beginning of 2011 until now .Initially I studied ACCA and Now I am continuing with my MBA .Most of The teachers have been real experts in their own subjects and the way they teach is really interesting and makes the subject really easy and brings it to life.Location is really good as it is situated in the city of London where you come across all the financial institutions and their workers. It gives you a feel of being in the real financial world.
    I met students from around the world during my studies and made some good friends .
    I have been happy with choice to study with LSBF.

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    I’ve been studying ACCA at the LSBF Holborn campus for about 2 yrs and I couldn’t imagine studying elsewhere. The lecturers are of a high standard and every lesson is recorded which enables students to look back on the lessons in their own time. LSBF also have an interactive portal that contains videos of the lecturers going through the notes and exam questions – absolutely priceless! Although courses can be costly, they often have good deals that cut the costs or provide useful gadgets such as ipads. All in all I would recommend this institution and have done to 4 of my colleagues that are also currently studying ACCA here.

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    I am doing my ACCA full-time at LSBF since September 2013 and I am very happy about the tutors and the course. I would encourage others to definitely enroll at this institution!

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    I am acca student .This is my first semester.Among so many ACCA tution provider I chose LSBF mainly because of their excelent Lacturer . The campus is great. It would be great if we had a late night study facelities.

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    I am studying ACCA full time .The experienced lectures and fully supportive administration makes the college as my great learning place so far.I definitely recommend all students who wants to make great carreer ahead in business and accountany.

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    I really love studying at LSBF. The CIMA course is well organised and it will help me in my future career.
    I love the location of the campus. The teachers are great at explaining things to me and I’m hoping for a great score at the end of the course.

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    I would like to recommend London School of Business and Finance to anyone wishing to undertake a business and finance course such as ACCA and CIMA. I am not doing this simply because I am studying with the college but simply because LSBF is one of the best highly trusted institution in London and in the UK in general equipped with the modern day facilities such as Interactive videos to make your academic career a success. They also have a good qualified tutors who ensures that you understand every bit of your course work.

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    London school of business and finance have been frustrated me throughout procedures.
    i mean i showed them my personal bank account and i maintain 20,000$ even paid 3500GBP by me in advance for diploma in foundation of contemporary contexts .So after i provided them through my IELTS including intermediate annual examination verified transcripts with original certificates of all my documentation with passport and i send it to BRITISH embassy . ALAS , Alas ,Atlast they took my time and awaited me more than six months.and now without any reason they resfuse me THEY ARE SAYING THAT I AM MUSLIM. so tell where should i go .

    Mohammad Tahir ( just frustration)

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    LSBF is the right place in London to continue my ACCA studies. Getting a world class education from the highly professional and experienced tutors is something I was looking for. The quality of study materials and the entire learning environment is absolutely fantastic. I am enjoying studying here.

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    LSBF differentiate the courses from other institutions because they are focused on professional career management.

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    I have enrolled for ACCA + MBA in 2011. I completed all my 14 ACCA papers in 2 and half years (13 papers in first time attempt). Having completed my course, i obviously wanted to complete my MBA. So when i started to enroll for this course, the recruitment support team started to bring up issues so that i wouldn’t be able to study for MBA such as 2 year work experience and visa issues. I just felt they didn’t want us to do the MBA under the scholarship as they couldn’t extract any money from me.

    So i had to run up and down for about a month to get enrolled for the course. i emailed my adviser but she NEVER replied my email. The student recruitment support team NEVER RESPONDED my calls. But i still didn’t give up. i booked an appointment with the Visa officer for the visa issues and she said that she got a reply from my adviser that i would be eligible to study for MBA within my visa tenure. So i started to enroll fro the course again. I submitted my documents to them and then later they got back to me saying that its not possible for me to do MBA. At first the adviser gave me the assurance that my application will be accepted based on the fact that i will be able to study the taught courses for 6 months under lsbf sponsorship. But later I came to know that my application was blatantly refused because of my visa tenure which was completely false. So i finally gave up chasing them for my MBA enrollment. I REALISED THAT ITS NOT WORTH DOING MBA WITH A COLLEGE WHO GENUINELY DON’T SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.

    I somehow felt that i was CHEATED by the college. As an alumni, i WOULD NOT recommend any potential students to study in this college. At the time of payment, their initial service will be excellent but its only AFTER-SERVICES where you will thoroughly REGRET that you chose the wrong college. SO PLEASE THINK TWICE.

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  67. 2

    Never gives you a refund after a visa refusal. These are dogs justvsitting here to eat your money. Never ever come even under the shadow of this dodgy school.

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  68. 2

    Completely avoid this place. I applied for £3000 refund which they accept as this was due to completely their own incompetency.(they changed their requirements for English language after they offered me the place.)Now three months I still didn’t get the refund.(which supposed to happen after 21 days!) They don’t reply to emails, update on tickets, and if you leave message for Fee commitee team they simply ignore you. I think I already call them 20 times as I desperately need my money to clear my debt. Still no chance. I am wondering if this place really locate in England!!!.

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  69. 1

    Please beware, consider it twice before enrolling, lots of students’ complains,
    good tuition though… but it is overshadowed by horrendous customer service,
    money grabbing institution.

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  70. 1

    If you value your education, your time, or your money, please do not use the London School of Business and Finance. They are utterly useless, with no internal communication and an almost total lack of professionalism. Online lectures were pre-recorded over a year ago; marking structures, recommended texts and available modules changes regularly and without warning. As a final straw, LSBF changed delivery of the Online MSc Marketing course almost completely from the setup I’d agreed to, and this was done entirely without my consent.

    I quit the course after this change in August, and have spent 5 months fighting with LSBF to be refunded the fees I paid. I finally have my money back, but it has been unbelievably long and arduous. Please save yourself this hassle and do not use London School of Business and Finance.

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  71. 1

    This area is difficult..
    But is a good place

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  72. 1

    LSBF study interactive

    The lecturer is very good for F8 however It is always overloaded so you can not study.

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  73. 5

    Good place in the center of London, professional lecturers, friendly students. In this uni you have enough time to concentrate not only on the curriculum of the course, but also on the topics you are interested in outside the curriculum and the lecturers will help you to manage all the questions you have.

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  74. 1

    It took them 6 months to mark my dissertation. And the whole page will not be enough to list all inconveniences i had to face in the year of studies. I went to study digital marketing but most tutors are only familiar with traditional marketing. Overall it was a waste of time. The only good thing about the school was Andrew Walker who taught us Web Metrics for 2 months. He gave us a leading edge knowledge. Thanks to that I got an internship in one of the UK top expert companies on search engine optimisation.

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    it rubish all over only the best thing is the location nothing else relly ,

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    LSBF is an institution with a rich diversity of students from literally, all over the world, which provides students with a global outlook that highlights the links cultures. They offer some of the most interactive undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education by offering courses, programs, and academic learning that cannot be obtained combined by any other business school in the UK. Overall, my experience at LSBF was very rewarding, as I was able to gain many academic qualifications which I am truly proud of!

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  77. 1

    Terrible Customer Service. This school are meant for international students who would like to get tied to a school when they study here in the UK. I have contacted them three times just to get a reply and no one seemed to care. Do you have to wait a whole week for a reply? No, and I still have no reply. I have waited more than a week. The way they answer their telephone lines are terrible. The people seem like they don’t pay attention. One answered the phone and I had to wait a little before she said hello. Terrible service! Absolutely terrible. I am going to switch to BPP, far more mature tuition providers. Tried and Tested too. Don’t apply here, if you want full support from a school. DO NOT APPLY HERE. Previous comments about the customer service is true. Don’t waste your money. I will withdraw my registration from this school, thank God i haven’t paid them anything.

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  78. 1

    Absolute disappointment, the lecturer’s are good but the admin and the whole show they put on is really a staged one. Its a bubble that they paint well, which doesnt exist.

    All this overcrowded market, has got to show off is, Carolyn Napier, Hafeez qazi,Francis,Debbie crossman,marcus,natasha etc these are the only real assets this organization has.

    there is no quality of service here, if ur serious about ur studies save your money and spend a bit more and go to BPP/Kaplan.
    AND DONT FALL FOR THE WHOLE INTERACTIVE “TRAP” sounds good, but in reality its a joke. A good idea executed badly by eastern europeans, for some reason have employed whole load of eastern europeans, most of them are illiterate and only look good.bimbo’s.
    they dont even understand what ur saying. they even publish the books from romania.

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  79. 4

    My 2 cents: LSBF provides good opportunities for those looking to get practical education and are ready to put in the effort. It is not the prettiest but it delivers results and is very strong academically.

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  80. 1

    Worse customer service i have ever experienced. I paid for the online Interactive Study platform in May 2011 and still have not received my lo in details to date. I had to guess my login by using my e-mail address. My course has now vanished from my profile two weeks before my exam. If you want to concentrate on passing then look elsewhere…

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    Stay away! If you wanna study ACCA join other instituions like Kaplan. Horrible materials which would only merely help you pass if you’re a very clever student or just lucky! I regret my admission there.

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  82. 1

    Never before have I encountered such apathy and lack of professionalism from an organisation. They are very attentive before they get your money, but after you sign up they will completely disappear and do not care at all about student’s concerns. They dump all their money into marketing their programs and absolutely none into qualified staff that actually cares.

    Every semester with these people has been a battle for me – from being unresponsive to any of my queries to their disorganisation and even attempting to cancel my major after I paid and moved to London to take their course. I am absolutely fed up with LSBF. As far as I am concerned, it was the biggest mistake and waste of time/money. STAY FAR AWAY!!!

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  83. 5

    My MSc Finance class was a real delight – hands-on, career-relevant and virtually all of us were employed upon graduation! Thank you LSBF!

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  84. 1

    They are just interested in students’ money, don’t respond to the complains and the requests for refunds.
    STAY AWAY!!!

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  85. 1

    LSBF is the worse education institution ever. DO NOT APPLY TO THIS PLACE, YOU WILL REGRET every moment of it. They do not care about the student at all , they only care about the money and once they’ve received it they will ignore you al year long. They are full of empty promises. Completely disgusted by this place. I promise you will regret.

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  86. 4

    I am a current student at LSBF. Lecturers are very good (well atleast mine are however I have been to some of my friends classes where some of the lecturers are not as good) I guess I have been lucky with my lecturers. The study materials are really good including the online resources you get as part of your package. Very good value for money as compared to other tuition providers. In the end, you will get results depending on how hard you work but LSBF will definitely get you that one step closer. I booked 6 papers just to try out but will definitely go back and complete the remaining modules here.

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  87. 1

    A sham of an organization. Student facing employees are racist, management is racist with staff as well. Have been exposed for fraud with students on UK TV investigative shows, lost the right to sponsor students yet they continue to retain ACCA ALP status which is completely undeserved and a miscarriage of justice.

    They destroy students and employee’s lifes.

    Even the professional complaints dept, is a sham run by a person who doesn’t even know what a Completion of Procedures certificate is, yet they are not stripped of their ALP status despite claiming to have entire internal complaints process.

    I personally know students whose life was destroyed by this sham of an organization.

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