The School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University was created as a School of Management in 1971. Taking advantage of the 437 acres that make up the entire university campus, the School of Business and Economics deals with undergraduate students and those pursuing advanced degrees, such as MBA’s and doctorates. In addition, executive education classes are made available to professionals to expand their knowledge base.

With respect to the MBA, full-time students would be able to complete the requirements in a year. Those that include an internship with their studies will have a two-year span to complete their work, while part-time students can take anywhere from two to three years.

If they choose, students have the opportunity to study abroad among a group on five different continents as a result of agreements with other international schools. This may involve spending one year that could be restricted to a single school or two partner institutions. The study can combine both classroom time and a specific internship or it may simply be over the course of a summer for time-restricted individuals.

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