London Metropolitan may have officially entered the educational world in 2002 but its roots date back more than 150 years before the entry. Back in 1848, the Metropolitan Evening Classes for Young Men was created in response to the Bishop of London, Charles James Blomfield, making a request to help build the character of men through education and religion.

Language, art, mathematics and history were most of the subjects taught early on but by 1861, a name change to the City of London College was made. An 1891 merger with two other colleges created City Polytechnic, but lasted only 15 years.

Reverting back to the City of London name, the school continued educating students. In late 1940, the school’s main building was effectively destroyed during a German blitzkrieg during World War II.

In 1970, the City of London of Polytechnic was created from a merger with St. John Cass College. That was followed by elevation to university status in 1992. Presently, there are two campuses that make up London Metropolitan: within the city itself and in the borough of Islington.

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    I was expecting more and sad a little disapointed.

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    Attended the university for an exam, the staff and proctors were great and the facilities on offer at this university are brilliant.

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    I study psychology there, excelent university, really good lecturers!!

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    The talk was highly uninformative, the lecturer only spoke of himself. he didnt know the subject he was talking of. Noone knew where anything was happening so had to work out route ourselves, left after an hour. Not considering this university.

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    Realy bad, very messy, teachers don’t care and unprofessional. Not helpful, I wish I did go there. NEVER EVER enrol with them unless they uplift their standards. There some good teachers but very few tiny amount 5% or less. Teachers don’t care if you succeed or find a job. Stay away from their computer courses, masters and any PhD course. They are Realy good at selling the courses but in reality totally different and nightmares. Once they take the money you are in a loop. Teachers pretend to be knowledgeable but in reality they have no idea how life works. Good luck to all and stay away from met uni.

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    The university looks alright but I didn’t really like how they had a bar downstairs which served actual alcohol. Thought that was weird for a university.

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    I studied Studio Lighting here. Good course, great tutors

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    Had some good teachers that were really interesting. And some dull ones too 🙂 Compared to going in Uni in Lithuania this was way easier and way more interesting.

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    London Metropolitan University of Commercial Rd

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    I went to this university in 2002 and, honestly, it was one of the worst experiences in my life. I hated going there and lectures were bad. Some of the staff were rude and most were unhelpful. I studied BSc computer science and couldn’t get a job anywhere with the degree. The course omits essentials to computer science leaving them as options or diluting them to a very simplified and incomplete version, such as data structures and algorithms. Many of the basics weren’t even taught to us and so a computer science degree from this place is useless. Trust me, you will not be able to compete for computer-related jobs as your skills, knowledge and understanding will be woefully insufficient. I recommend anyone contemplating coming here to not do so, even if no other uni accepts them. WORST UNI EVER!

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    The UNI is ok. But as I see it, the internation experience was more important. My major was broacasting communications.

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    I’m a student of LSST Alperton House,

    I have enrolled on the Business and Computing evening course at LSST for the February 2017 intake. I came in on the 7th of February 2017 to enrol on the Business and Computing course at LSST Alperton and i spoke with Daniel one of the admission staff at the college. He told me to sit down and do the entry exams for the course. After i finished Daniel took my documents and photocopied them and told me that i was accepted on the course and he said that he will send the timetable over to me by e-mail.

    He gave me a post-it sticky note and put my course timetable on there, he advised that i should start going to the course as soon as possible while i wait for the official timetable to arrive. Having waited for over 2 weeks while still attending my courses in the evening i decided to come in early today on the 23rd of February 2017 so i can speak to Daniel and ask why he has not sent my timetable yet.

    When i came in to the college Daniel was not available and i spoke with Nada who is one of the admission officers here also. I gave her my name and D.O.B and she searched my profile on the computer. After searching for my profile she advised that i was not registered on the course, she then contacted Daniel on the phone and he advised her that he forget to register me. At that point i was unhappy and asked to speak with the college principal to shed light on why i was not registered.

    The college principal was called and he came into the admission office to explain the situation to me. He advised that Daniel forgot to register you and you are not on the course for the January intake and there’s nothing i can do. I explained to him that i was attending the classes regularly for nearly 2 weeks and that this is simply not good enough as i had invested 2 weeks of my time and also travel cost attending the college every day. The principal at this stage seemed uninterested and said we cant help you sorry and walked out abruptly as i was speaking to him. My demeanour through out this was very calm and i never raised my voice or done anything to upset any of the staff. I am appalled that this sort of behaviour is acceptable from staff members here especially the principal.

    I am writing this e-mail to you to ask if you are able to send my registration over to London Met University as the staff members at LSST Alperton showed a dereliction of duty and forgot to register me with them.

    I am asking as a student who was excited to start a new chapter in his life and study a fantastic course at LSST, this excitement has now been shattered by staff members who neglected to do their job.

    Can you please speak to London Met on my behalf and explain the situation to them as the college refused to admit their error to London Met Registry office, they said they cannot call because Daniel forgot to register you and registration has now finished with London Met although i was a student attending classes for 2 weeks.

    I’m sure you can understand my frustration and i’m writing to you to please rectify this situation.

    Once again thank you for your understanding and co-operation with this matter.

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Unhappy Student

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    Hated every moment, had lecturers reading off power point slides word for word. Only a few lecturers would actively engage with the students in their classes, one of the good things is that lecture notes are posted online and there are lots of computers to use around the campus especially if you want to do work in peace and quiet

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    One of the best universities in United Kingdom. Excellent structure, great staff, and a very good place to study and research.

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    Highly recommend The Cass for anyone interested in studying art, architecture or design.

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    just terrible I can’t believe this is even a school honestly.

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    The perfect place to grow up in a successful way!!

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    I know diddly-squat about this institution but the Architect, Daniel Libeskind’s Graduate Centre (2004) is a forceful presence and footprint on Holloway Road ; a jutting steel-capped jackboot that demands attention, dominates the street and one of London’s modern icons.

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    This uni is a bunch of rubbish, they don’t take your work seriously at all – especially when it came to end of year grades.
    Really Really wish I didn’t enrol here

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    I am a third year student and have absolutely enjoyed every single day. Lecturers are brilliant, approachable and always supportive. You can go in the best university at the end of the day it is down to the student to want to achieve rather than expecting the university to complete your work. To get a good mark you need to attend lectures and seminars, ask when unsure and sit and do your work.
    If you want to be surrounded by diverse students, feel part of community and achieve your best than choose London Met.

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    I have very fond memories of London Met. The Nutrition and Dietetics programme is very robust and one of the best in the country. The lectures and practical session were of very high standard and the tutorials and assignments were equally good. I feel that can compete effectively with nutritionist trained anywhere in the world. In addition the IT facilities are very good and IT rooms have plenty of computer and there was no overcrowding. The staff are friendly and the lecturers are very approachable. If you are looking for a university where you will be spoon fed, don’t go to London met; it is for independent thinkers who love to find things out for themselves. Also, you get to meet very mature students with years of experience in their field.

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    Oh god what I will say so many universities

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    Best experience ever… Very professional faculty and cooperative staff

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    Good University. Did my law degree there. Now doing my PhD in law in Australia. The university is not without it’s own challenges. But it does not at all deserve the bulk of negative reviews being made against it.

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    l’m doing Masters and I really like it here. Great university.

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    I have been studying in Metropolitan for three years. The teachers are good, reil enjoy the skl life!!!! Highly recommend who wants to do politic.

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    I completed a computing and marketing BA there in 2011 which helped to propel me into career I wanted and now have. The facilities were adequate, professors majorly helpful and knowledgeable (apart from 1 out of all classes I took over 3 years, pretty good statistic). It is a large university and both student and professor bodies are diverse racially and culturally. This uni however is for people who are proactive, ask questions and want to learn. If you need extensive guidance and supervision in your studies this uni will not fulfil your needs.

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    Excellent University. BA in International Relations achieved. Working for major government organisation. Best tutors!!

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    I enjoyed studying at London Met. Excellect lecturers!!!

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    The worst university I have ever been in. I studied Bachelor degree in Accounting in Middlesex University before I came to London Met.

    I decided to go for a career change and study a teaching degree. For the 2 years I been in London Met doing BE’d Early years teaching degree. I was not supported whatsoever. Any complaint that I would provide was taken in a very negative manner. Going to placements in schools was not about the trainee student teacher. It was all about how to kiss a** to the school in order for school to accept more students from the university and for the university not to loose the school.
    If you stand up for yourself you will be put down, and probably kicked out, which what happened to me.

    I would not recommend this University for anyone. They are completely disorganized and lecturers don’t have any knowledge or experience whatsoever. In those 2 years in London Met, I developed severe depression from the way I been treated and I am currently under medication and counselling because of the them.

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    I really wish I got into a better Uni. To begin with, the course was misleading. I feel the lecturers and their lectures for the BA Education Studies degree are poor at their jobs and put minimal effort into their slides. Everyone in my class is in need of extra help and they seem unwilling to go out of their ways to give us the aid we need. They cannot take constructive criticism and act as if they are doing a perfect job. Nobody enjoys our classes. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody. I could sit here all day giving you reasons why its a pathetic uni. I wonder how everyone else had a good experience at uni and none of us feel we are getting anything close to that. I don’t know what I’m paying for, but it’s certainly not for an education.

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    Many universities face challenges and funding problems. In order for London Met there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Support from outside of university would be helpful. The university lacks some aspects but other than that most lecturers are good teacher.

    It is quite sad to say all staff members do not support their students because no matter what university you go to, there will always be good and bad teachers.

    The only thing I would say the university is lacking in Moorgate and Algdate campuses that they need some new furniture, facilities and 24/7 library opening hours. It is quite inconvenient for students or staff. The university needs to see what other university’s are doing to become better.

    Overall not so bad.

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    Great university, recommended if you want to study Criminology

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    Seen talentless, unwilling to learn anything people studying Architecture in this university and that simply led to the conclusion that this university will only take your money – which apparently it’s a “luxury” to study anything in this university – and nobody will value your talent and work ethic. Too expensive, pretty messy and unorganized, kind of racist.

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    anyone who is thinking of going here should do a Google search about the university. Then do another google search and find anywhere else to go. If this is the only place you get accepted at then don’t bother. work hard for a year and do the exams you have to do and apply somewhere else. Anywhere just please don’t go here.

    This place is rubbish and a scam. The money I paid while there was a joke and what I got for my money was worse than school.

    some teacher we couldn’t understand. They didn’t want to help us lean anything and they didn’t want to answer our questions. One lecturer spent the lecture promoting her book she wrote herself.

    If this is the only place you get accepted at then don’t bother. work hard for a year and do the exams you have to do and apply somewhere else. Anywhere just please don’t go here.

    There were a couple of good teachers there. Samuel O. Idowu is the best teacher I have had. You learn so much listening to him and I wish everyone was like him.

    To sum up. Don’t bother going here, they will take your money and wont give anything of value.

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    Truly brilliant university, If you want to study art design architecture related curses its the best one in London. You will meet people from all over the world, lectures are fun and engaging.
    I had such a great time studying there.

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    Absolutely hate the place, I spend more time overcoming problems they’ve caused than I do studying for my degree.

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    I graduated this university 10 years ago in 2003. It is now 2013 and I am no better in my career or job prospects. The facilities were terrible and the teaching staff lackluster. If I had to make another choice back then it would have been to go to another university or not go to university at all. Worst decision of my life attending this place

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    London Metropolitan University undergraduate courses fees are decent for the benefit you will get. Very good IT tutors, I recommend whoever that is interested in BSc computer science to enrol at London met

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    I was very close to joining this university until i found out they let Islamic racist speakers come in and brainwash pupils.
    They even went as far as considering to ban alcohol as it upsets the Muslims that go to the school!
    And to make things worse Islamic society of London today said the murder of Lee Rigby was a hoax!

    I am so glad i never chose this university and i would avoud it like the plague!

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    Great University,Nice Facilitys,Highly Recommend To All! 🙂

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    I did a fine art M.A. at London Met, and I can thoroughly recommend it, not least for avoiding the ponciness of the mainstream London art colleges.

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    1. Course Structure is according to future needs.
    2. Good campus life.
    3. Excellent lecturers.
    4. Very dynamic place to develop professional life with academic life.
    5. Affordable when it comes to money.

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    Allows flexible study, especially for those with like me with little qualifications, and a tremendous help in the long path to getting a job with little or no qualifications.

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    Had a great time at this uni on BTEC HND and Bsc Computing courses. While some lecturers are disinterested in students’ progress, many are very helpful and conscientious and supportive (thank you Boris Cogan!). They took me on as a mature student with only five O’levels and I am thankful they gave me a chance to excel. Any student who is not highly self-motivated may find themselves just scraping though as there is a culture among many students to do as little work as possible.

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    I studied there for years, I honestly feel I wasted my time,teachers are irresponsible, staff lazy ( not all of them ) and no one to guide you in your first year ! and on top of that, the uni is no one near top 100…
    AVOID, unless you have no where to go !

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    As a former student and then member of staff for more than 30 years I despair at the one sarcastic and illiterate review from a former student. We are not a beautiful green-field site with fantastic resources but we try really hard in the face of adversity. We pride ourselves on being student-friendly and I believe the university is a wonderfully warm, multicultural place to study. We are not Oxbridge but then we do not aspire, nor do we have the money, to be that sort of place. Please stop knocking us!

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    Much better than mdx university, at least staff are professional and don’t have accents you can’t even understand.

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