The Munich School of Management, commonly referred to as LMU Munich, is focused on delivering not only the very best business instruction but also delivering the finest research among all educational institutions. Beyond simple bachelor degrees, students have the opportunity to earn masters, executive masters and doctorates.

Through the research conducted, the potential amount of knowledge that students absorb becomes greater and focuses on the contemporary concerns, rather than trends from decades past. Eight different clusters make up the curriculum: accounting, marketing and strategy, finance and insurance, technology and innovation, information systems and digital business, health care management, leadership & human resources and human resource and management.

Getting more in-depth knowledge about these areas can occur through the auspices of LMU Munich’s seven Centers of Excellence. Here, both instructors and students engage in rigorous research that helps expand not only their grasp of particular areas, but allows the specific field to also benefit from such work.

The legacy of LMU Munich dates back more than two centuries, though greater focus on advanced educational opportunities have evolved over that lengthy period. Since 2001, the concepts of both innovation and leadership have been key areas of emphasis for all students attending LMU.

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