The founding of Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) dates back nearly two centuries, with the progression from a school that taught the classics, history and languages to research university evolving over that long stretch. Begun as a Mechanics School of Arts, it took just nine years for it to be re-named as the Liverpool Mechanics Institute.

In those early days, students went elsewhere to complete their degree requirements, an approach that would change over time. By 1861, the Liverpool School of Science was opened, with women welcomed a few decades later. An expanded part of the campus would eventually train women to teach physical education to girls.

The two World Wars naturally affected the school, with LMJU training marine engineers during World War I, while the School of Art was under siege during the Second World War.

Eventually, Liverpool Polytechnic comes into being in 1970, followed by the 1992 granting of status as a university. Over the next quarter-century, a steady stream of construction helps update and expand the overall footprint of the school, with additional awards and designations following.

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    A beautiful city! I fell in love with her.

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    Campus next to the monumental cathedral built already modern technology. Internationalist lot of students here gives great hope for a successful life through quality education.

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