Liverpool Hope University, located in the Merseyside section, has been around in one form or another for over 170 years, beginning with the 1844 opening of the Church of England’s Warrington Training College. This was followed 12 years later by the establishment of Sisters of Notre Dame’s Our Lady’s Training College, with both school’s set up to train women for teaching positions.

That approach stayed in place for over a century until the 1964 opening of Christ’s College, which is located across the street from where the current edition of Liverpool Hope is situated. By 1980, the decision was made to merge the three schools into Liverpool Institute of Higher Education, which involved the Catholic-based Christ’s College forging an ecumenical connection with the two Protestant institutions.

That connection was officially solidified in 1995, when Liverpool Hope acquired its name. A decade later, the school attained university status and now has close to 5,000 students attending classes. Roughly 80 percent of those individuals are at the undergraduate level, with the two current campuses located in Childwall and Everton.

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    Absolutely love this university.
    I am in my third year and have extremely enjoyed it.

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    If you want to study any of the performing arts, music or art & design you will be on The Creative Campus of Liverpool Hope which is beautiful, has a real community feel and the best teaching staff who are experts in their field.

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    Great university. The staff really care and their door was always open to me. I have been to another University none like Hope. The support for students with disabilities is second to none at Hope, I am dyslexic my school and another college never supported me the way Hope did. I got my degree thanks to them something my career guidance teacher in school said I could never get. The facilities and community at Hope is world class and keep getting better. Its a small university with a very big heart.

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    I am in my third year and this is a rubbish uni. Do not go here. There was one lecturer who made my time here and grades worth while and they got rid of him because of budget cuts. An absolute joke!
    There is very little for study resourses, and no student life at all. I lived on campus for my first year and could not wait to get my own house well away from the uni. It has no community feel and you will not get a satifying uni experience here.

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    I am in my second year and I love this uni. I stayed off campus for my first year and I still had the full freshers week experience and I have a very enjoyable student life. The campus is about 30 minutes for the city centre where all of the main clubs are put 5 minutes down the road is woolton village that have many pubs and a cinema which is a lot cheaper than the odeon. As to the comment about the lack of study resources the library is full of them and there are resouces avaiable online, the staff are more than happy to help if you are having trouble finding the resouces that you need. There are loads of societys to join and things to do during your time at the university. I have found the lectures to be very good and seminars have smaller groups meaning you get more time with the tutor giving you (i feel) a better quality of learning.

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    I’m a postgraduate student of Liverpool Hope University and earlier it was mentioned as Liverpool John Moors University. Anyway it is now corrected as what it should be. Many thanks.

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