Change has been frequent at Leeds Metropolitan University over the course of its history, something that’s continued in recent years. It is because in 2014, the school underwent another name change, becoming Leeds Beckett University. The name honors 2nd Baron Grimthorpe, a British banker and politician, whose name was part of one of the university’s early colleges, Beckett Park.

The actual beginning of the school dates back to 1824, when the Leeds Mechanics Institute opened. Segments devoted to art, literature and science changed that name, and eventually became the Leeds College of Technology (LCT) in 1927.

A 1970 merger between LCT, the Yorkshire College of Education and Home Economics, the Leeds College of Commerce and a portion of the Leeds College of Art helped create Leeds Polytechnic. Just six years later, two more colleges joined the fold: the City Of Leeds College of Education and James Graham College.

After being given the right to officially award graduates with degrees in 1992, the school became Leeds Metropolitan University. A 2008 proposal to change the name to Leeds Carnegie University came up short.

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    Superb and enjoyable University with modern teaching methods of broad-thinking.

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    Great University with good library facilities catering to both residents and visitors alike 🙂

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    Not fit to be called a university. I studied postgrad and the lecturers went from bad to worse.

    Eg. The lecturer who didn’t like my writing style and marked me down for it asked me “Which country were you educated in?” to which I wanted to answer “do you always explain your decisions with racist questions?”, but I just said “England”.
    Eg. “The topic we’re covering today is boring and irrelevant but the accrediting body says we have to cover it”.
    Eg. Conversation with my dissertation / project tutor, she said almost word for word “I know it’s a part time course and the uni sells itself as being able to work around student’s needs, but I work part time so I can only meet with on Mondays, between 10 and 11am, except for the next two weeks. We can meet in three weeks time and then I’m on holiday until the week before the date your dissertation is due in.”
    Eg. “yes, we did tell you there was a strict word count on the exam, but we didn’t look at it when we marked your exam”.
    Eg. “yes, we have raised the fees for the course without notifying you but it doesn’t matter because your employer pays anyway”.

    Just a few examples- don’t think you need any more to draw your own conclusions!

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    Like the university of Leeds but not as good

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    A place to be!! Supportive staff especially the faculty of Tourism and Events Management! Keep up!!

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    Excellent Uni with very supportive staff and lecturers alike! learnt a lot from my course

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    It was fantastic when we called it LMU
    Hope its still as good as it was
    I missed it so much

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    Visited for weigh and pay event and ended up with a lot of clothes for a ridiculously cheap price!

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    Beckett is home. Beckett for life.

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    Fantastic Graduation Ceremony – Well done to all students

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    Leeds Beckett University is a public university in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with campuses in the city centre and Headingley. The university’s origins can be traced to 1824, with the foundation of the Leeds Mechanics Institute

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    My top fella John is thinking of coming here. I’d give him a word and recommend you drop him an unconditional. He deserves the best coz he’s a special kid. Much love u pilgrim xx

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    Can anyone tell me how good this university is for an MBA ?? and what about the job scope after completion of degree from this university ??

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    The student service provided by the administration and lecturers is outstanding, the library access (24/7/365); world-class facilities at all campuses and in addition, the ambiance is lively and refreshing. It is obvious there are dedicated professionals without pomposity; students are independent and encouraged to debate and challenge the status quo. The city campus architecture is modern, spacious and well designed which stimulates creativity and innovation. The Headingley campus hosts grandeur and tradition. The diversity of the student population allows varied dynamics, broadening the mind and providing an immediate global setting. The city of Leeds itself is an amalgamation of old and new; friendly and inviting with venues attracting international celebrities, its own airport and rail links. Within a short distance you can escape to the countryside and explore the rich history of Yorkshire and beyond.
    Leeds Beckett University is bright; youthful and has lead and moved with the times understanding what students of this generation need and appreciates the changing world in which we live, to ensure that we are equipped with the skills and knowledge to influence, innovate, progress and inspire.

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    DONT COME HERE! Racist and totally biased university. They rejected me on the basis of my country. They said to me “we are currently not recruiting in your area so we want make you an offer”. Not an equal opportunity university at all

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    Great university. The facilities are great and the staff is very helpful and polite. Not to mention the facilities, everything is well maintained and the library is 24/7. Diverse culture and full with history.


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    It’s in beta stage but APPARENTLY Rio De Janeiro is 4 minutes awe from where I live with is in Castleford

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    not as nice as university of leeds, but city is great

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    First in the university of the last study abroad destination. Taste of chips and beans I ate in the Student Union is not forgotten. I am certainly did eat in about 50p? Although I visited for the first time in decades a little different and also there is a long time ago where that has been renovated some but library and a café of place was the same. The cafe You can also use the net contains Costa. This would be I did not, but is natural for students age. . .

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    Based in the thriving city of Leeds, our university is one of the most popular in the country. With over 28,000 students and 2,900 staff, we are a people business and our contribution to the region and beyond is significant. We value our students’ dreams and goals; our university is committed to preparing them for the world of work in the best possible way.

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    I have done my first degree here. What’s good time in uk

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    From the time that i have spent at the university i can tell you that it is rather wonderful, in the summer the plazas and the fountains are a hub of activity and in the winter months even the rain and wind don’t dampen the spirits of the fellow students.

    Always a hub of life and with a huge amount of ground to cover there is never a dull moment. the teachers are fantastic and even though some of them can be a bit ditzy at times it’s always in good fun and i always learn a lot.

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    Great institution. library is open every hour of the year! Teaching methods are top-class not to mention the support services I.e Skills for Learning.

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    wel, i wanna knw, s ther a course for quantity surveying¿

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    Complete rubbish, a disgrace of an institution where you will learn nothing but how to act and behave like a macaque. Accommodation is average, standard to what is expected in a university, however the students you will share your halls with will be incapable of keeping it any cleaner that the toilets of a turkish prison. The teachers will do the best considering the circumstance i.e. having to spend their time to re-learn students how to speak/read/write having failed to do so in Kindergarden.

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    Great uni with a long and proud tradition. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Leeds at a world class university!!

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    Overall a good University with lots to offer to it’s students.

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    Doing my 3rd year on chemical and minerals engineering and loving every little bit of what this Uni is offering me 🙂

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