Kühne Logistics University (KLU) is located in Hamburg University and is the evolution of the former logistics management department of the Technical University of Hamburg. Beginning operations in 2010, KLU had already established an MBA program six years earlier and created a master’s program that focused on infrastructure, logistics and mobility in 2008.

Some of the most vibrant areas of growth for the school have not only been in logistics, but also both general and supply chain management. Students have the opportunity to be part of a diverse group of individuals that are seeking to grow within their chosen fields. In addition, they have a chance to spend a semester abroad with one of KLU’s partner universities.

The concept of learning is enhanced through small class sizes, with the clear path toward graduation one of the key reasons why the school often ranks among the business schools in Germany.

The professors teaching at KLU are committed to imparting the knowledge they’ve gained to their students. Such efforts have become much easier due to the research those professors conduct on a yearly basis.

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    Recently shot the 360°Virtual Tour for ‘Google Maps Business View’ inside of this amazing location of the KLU in Hafencity Hamburg.
    For the Students there is a nice and modern Fitness Studio, which is also accessible on Sunday’s. There is a large Restaurant/Mensa and the Auditorium/’Hörsäle’ are located in the so called ‘Golden Eggs’, two cool architectural designs.
    The Area Hafencity is right in the middle of the beating hart of the City Hamburg, at the river in the harbour. Good places around to eat or have a coffee.

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