Located in Kingston upon Thames, the Kingston Business School (KBS) has officially been in operation since 1992. However, its roots date back more than two decades, since it replaces the College of Polytechnic that first opened in 1970. As part of Kingston University, KBS shares equal billing with the Faculty of Business and Law, which was established in 1984.

The campus itself can be found on the border of Surrey and London, with the original surroundings once housing a vast estate. The school’s newest structure opened in 2012 at a cost of $33 million and offers students a variety of different options to aid in their educational pursuits.

Among them are five computer rooms and Wi-Fi access that allow for lectures from all around the world to be offered to students. In addition, video conferencing capabilities are also available.

There are also six research centers that students and faculty can benefit from, with subjects like Asia, international business in general and entrepreneurship key aspects of the individual centers. Within this sector are research groups looking at different facets of business.

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