In 1829, King George IV and the Duke of Wellington used the tradition of the Church of England in forming King’s College London (KCL). The early decades of the school represented a different philosophy from some of the other contemporary schools that were in operation at the time.

Besides offering a strong focus in the area of science, a more forceful emphasis by KCL’s early leaders on helping to educate women was also undertaken. Adding night classes in an effort to improve the financial abilities of the British workingmen also stood out.

A series of mergers over nearly two centuries has re-shaped the school, with departments devoted to the establishment of a dental school. Other female-oriented areas dealt with nursing training as well as the creation of the Household and Social Science Department.

By 1985, the merger of KCL with Chelsea College and Queen Elizabeth College took place, followed 12 years later by another merger with the Institute of Psychiatry. Only one year later came the merger of KCL’s nursing school with the Nightingale Institute of Nursing.

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    Much love to King’s! Rigorous and well-respected programmes at the very centre of the capital. Plus excellent campuses and lots of libraries to choose from.

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    Kings campus at Waterloo ….v industrial.

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    It’s a nice place I think and very soon am just coming here for study

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    I want to study in this attractive institute in mechanical post graduation program.plz guide me.

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    Good to learn over there and I really love the place

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    A very fine school. It was great to be visiting here!

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    I loved to walk around the old building at the Strand, see the chapel and the the views from the top floor.

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    available deafness ?? or not accept?
    tell me soon

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    Beautiful buildings, worth wandering around

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    Went for a course in kings college and all went well. Great people working. Nice cafeteria with good prices.

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    Spent 3 years of my life in the physics basement back in 2000 and I enjoyed it enormously. The place has been transformed since then and it is now quite beautiful. Moving the cantine from the basement to the first floor, next to the chapel, was a great idea. I’m always enthusiastic about going back there to visit colleagues.

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    Great university campus, was there for a campus tour, the place is massive with great history in the Politics and War studies department. All the staff and student helps are helpful and polite too!

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    Strategically located in the heart of London and attracts the best minds.

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    One of the world’s finest institutions. Great to visit as a prospective student, and I would strongly recommend it to those interested. Lovely location and mini-campus.

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    Dominating presence brooding over Kingsway.

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    Great uni in a great city. Heard it’s going to be even greater next year because it will annex Aldwych Quarter. I’m definitely one of the proud alumni of this priceless gem of an institution of higher learning.

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    Historic and still functional. Soon to be one of King’s College campus.

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    I am a student so I may be slightly biased…

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    Good campus, with things like music practice rooms

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    Internationally renowned university in the heart of London

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    Good college. Great for medicine, progressive in some subjects.

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    An amazing view on the top of our new building-Bush House. In one picture, we see: St.Paul, SkyGarden, Shard, Tower Bridge, London Tower, London Bridge, Tate Modern , Waterloo Bridge, IBM HQ, Westminster Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and London Eye. Love King’s College London!

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    Definitely a great uni despite its tiny campus.

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    beautiful campuses and almost all of them in the city centre. staff and students are helpful. As a leading university in the world, their famous programmes are demanding, yet taught by very famous and experienced professionals in those fields… definitely recommend.

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    Events: Trifty – Try the products day

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    Beautiful buildings. sometimes it’s like Hogwarts. The chapel on the 2nd floor is beautiful.

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    My name is ATTA UE REHMAN I’m a student

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    Wonderful buildings and history. Good reputation and very prestigious. Good location in the heart of London.

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    It really good ,I’m English student here it very fun. Lots to party!

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    KCL has £millions invested in weapons and fossil fuels, killing people, and recently had two students arrested and others suspended for protesting this. Student satisfaction ratings are very low. It’s putting fees up next year even though it makes enough demolishing cheaper halls pushing students into £200+pw rent. It routinely exploits migrant workers- the man who works in the morgue is given no mask and there is no sick cover and more. It’s admin is awful, it’s counselling service is nonexistent and the politics curriculum is stuck in the past. I went there.

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    Don’t bother attending their lectures/events. The staff are all clueless and unhelpful.

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    World Class research in physics department. They’ve got strong relationships with CERN, because the Physics Nobel prize laureate- Higgs Boson founder Peter Higgs and the Legend of CERN theoretical physicist John Ellis have studied and been working at King’s.

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    iam in dream to take atleast small degree from this university

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    A very nice university as the teaching and the teachers who are teaching at this university I can not say

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    GKTillDie. Easily one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

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    Really lovely building. King’s College London and Bush House are marriage made in heaven

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    Great university, lots of events and vibrant atmosphere

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    Overhyped university. I did a masters degree here.

    As black student this place is heavily loaded against you. The lecturers are discriminatory. Most of the lecturers are either white or British Indian. Since most of the students in the science department are Indian or white, they got a lot of help and preferential treatment. I have experienced the lecturers talking down on me, marking me down even though I produced higher quality work than some people who miraculously got higher grades. I brushed this off and worked even harder when the next assessment came. I always smashes my exams but for some reason my coursework was not good enough when marked by certain lecturers. The biggest racist in the science faculty is Dr Sukhi Bansal. He is stuck with the mindset of the Indian caste system and he treats black students very differently. Having spoken to many black students I quickly realised this was not an isolated case.

    There’s not a single black phd or member of staff in the science department.

    In the end I managed to do alright securing a merit for my masters but I truly believe I could have done better if this institution was not racist and discriminatory.

    Watch out for Dr Sukhi Bansal! He is overtly racist. The other parts of the university are also institutionally racist.

    They keep sending me letters about donation to the university. Why would I send my money to an institutional racist and corrupt university?

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    Love the buildings. Love the history. Love the reputation and prestige. Love the academic talent. Love, love, love.

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    Grand and elegant yet academically prestigious international university at London’s beating heart. Strand component of KCL is so close to Covent Garden and theatreland, the Royal Courts of Justice and other courts of law, St Paul’s, the City and the financial district. The Waterloo campus is just across the bridge and within stone’s throw from ITV/London studios, British Film Institute, National Theatre and Festival Hall, Southbank’s bars and shops and the Waterloo mainline station. St Thomas’ campus is just across the bridge from the Houses of Parliament of Westminster and is also historic, esp from nursing perspective (read: Florence Nightingale). The Guy’s Campus is the prettiest of them all, also with plethora of historical significance; with ivy-clad buildings, etc. Denmark Hill part of KCL is so close to lovely southeast London villages (e.g., Dulwich) and galleries. Suffice to say I’m really impressed and enjoying it here.

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    Excellent College in the centre of London. Walking distance to Trafalgar Square…..

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    how much percentage i have to require to join kings clg of london

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    Bush House And Kings College Located At Central London, Aldwych, WC2B 4, UK
    Excellent Grade II Listed Building…

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    Excellent service!First-class teaching equipment!lucky to study here

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    There are fast dragon! There Tyrant Sahua! Full of rare elf!

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    Virginia Woolf’s auto icon in this building is a must-see!

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    Prestigious world-class multi-research university at the very centre of the capital. The historic beautiful campuses as well as the rigorous leading programmes are real privilege experience.

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    Love love love university London/Mauritius and others
    What u say ????

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    I want to go for postgraduate in food science in this prestigious college.”

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    Great place to study. You can get anything you want here, just make sure you know what you want from your studies and be active.

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    I”ve had the pleasure of

    having myy operateion there, GREAT team of surgical people can’t thank them enough. Great nursing to . Hi Unis xx

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    When I graduated from King’s College London world class academic standards were the order of the day. Over one and a half decades later this still holds true today. King’s is currently ranked 19th in the world as part of the QS World University Rankings of the top 800 global higher education institutions. King’s is tough. Be under no illusion. There are plenty of other institutions where you can gain an easy degree. However, if you really want to earn an exceptional degree, you really want to learn plenty and you also have something to say for yourself, in other words, if you genuinely want to help contribute towards society and help make a difference in the world around you, then, King’s College London should be your university of choice.

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    Many of my colleagues graduated from Kings – and they seem to be well rounded 🙂

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    I want to go for postgraduate in this prestigious college

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    I still miss those days at Kings College London. It is one of the most respectful prestigeous university in the World. The surroundings are so nice and you can enjoy the exciting life in London.

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    A brilliant place to be in what forms part of the exclusive ‘golden triangle’ of unis. While the academic rigour is at par globally with the top schools and its research calibre excellence, could do more reaching out to the other countries outside the BRICS economies in terms of setting up research centres.

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    Love the experience of being at the centre where all things are happening in London. The teaching quality and student life is top notch and the campus side by side with the prestigious Strand buildings. Maughan Library is a real treasure, too bad I won’t be able to experience the newly-acquired buildings making up the Aldwych Quarter, e.g., the historic Bush House building among others. As there is a real buzz at KCL and London, life as student is fast-paced so it does not favour those who like to take their time. It’s great to be at this underrated public research university – I could definitely shine better.

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    Outdated, old fashioned, getting tired of it, definitely not recommend, try other more developed colleges in London, they are plenty of them

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    Best place for studying medical sciences

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    One of the best university in London. The professors were very nice. 😀 May not be the first in the league table but people there are amazing.

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    I really enjoyed the open day, great location great reputation

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  62. 4

    nice college. also the theater of Edmond Safra Lecture. Neat and good classes inside.

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  63. 5

    I study law at King’s. It is the best law school in the UK. World-leading research and high-quality teaching. Most recommended!!!

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    Read some of the negative reviews and the contributors didn’t even go here.
    I saw one review for UCL that said: ‘The students that go there are really lucky’ (3 stars).
    If you’re going to review a place negatively, it helps if you have actually studied there.

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  65. 5

    A fantastic university.

    Full of intelligent students, insightful teachers and challenging courses.

    It has been a privilege to attend.

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    I just wanna ask if this strand campus is where the kings hall located becouse the adress here is london WC2R 2NS while what i had gotten wa london WC2R 2RS not 2NS ,,,is it the same location or there may be some other location ,,,,thanks

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    I really love this college. Central London and full of history and great people who studied there =)

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  68. 2

    King’s College is a truly miserable place to study and work. Library refurbishments, fancy, yet broken IT systems will not buy anyone quality in teaching or personal and professional development. It is all hype by a marketing dept who work tirelessly to keep up the illusion.
    To all international students, save your money. In fact, save your country, stay in your own country, keep your life simple, keep tight family bonds, retain your rich cultural identity. In case anyone is wondering this narrative is not a student viewpoint.
    King’s College London ensures it is at the center of all Wars and positions itself on the front line for all future conflicts. War in KCL is a lucrative industry to be exploited from every angle. Soldiers come to pick up their degrees in uniform. Political events, especially those in the Middle East are highly screened so no opposition speakers will dare to attend. How you ask? Well one way is this: Events often have the clause, ‘Alcoholic beverages will be served’. ‘Cheese and wine reception’ while you speak to Mr Abdul Sellout.

    What is it like to work in KCL? As a member of staff from ethnic minority you either become a well paid and compliant ‘Uncle Tom’ or a liability. The whips will be cracked to keep you productive and running around. The IT systems are failing and a joke even on the staff level. As an employee you ‘simply smile and wave’… An example: You save a document to your home drive and it disappears into latency. You will find it hours later, sometimes days later. Investment for undergrads is heavy on e-learning, not simply for flexibility, more because it fits in with cost cuts. Lecturers are busy with own journals and publishing books while students are left wandering corridors trying to find them.


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  69. 5

    Just graduated from there. A fantastic University with a beautiful chapel. To be honest I don’t really need to say anymore- the name speaks for itself. I feel lucky to have gone there.

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  70. 5

    A lot of disgruntled and rejected applicants by the looks of these reviews. KCL is often ranked in the top 10 and has produced some notable alumni. It also has a great history and architecture, not to mention its prime location. Give credit, where credits due. There are many fantastic institutions in london and KCL is one them

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    why your college have lots of spy from china? you insult the name of the king. I am a Brit

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