Keele University (KU) is located just miles away from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England. The rural surroundings of the school, which is officially known as the University of Keele, stem from the structure that houses the school. This 620-acre estate, which was originally constructed in the 16th Century, was rebuilt three centuries later.

KU as an institution of higher learning didn’t officially occur until 1949, when the University College of North Staffordshire was established. Another 13 years would pass until the school officially became the University of Keele, in honor of the surrounding community. Names that were dismissed during this process included Stoke-on-Trent and the University of Stoke.

In 1974, KU’s International Relations Department was established, with additional schools being added over the past few decades. These areas included ones devoted to nursing, pharmacy and medicine. In the latter case, that process completed a 40-year goal to establish a medical school.

During the course of its operations, the Keele School of Management has been created, with an expansion taking place in 2017. In conjunction with that is more emphasis on STEM education.

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    Lovely university in fantastic surroundings! Keele village is also really great, highly recommended!

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    I like Keele for the campus layout and how it’s nestled into the countryside. Walks around Keele Hall in particular are enjoyable and the campus shopping area has a good selection of food and drinks.

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    Excellent campus, wonderful community atmosphere.

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    Really nice campus and facilities, happy with my degree course.

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    Its such a quiet and beautiful place, far away from urban living

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    Don’t go to this school. James Esam goes here.

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    A wonderful place to be a student.

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    The best university campus I’ve ever visited.

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    Beautiful campus, authentic experience….Like stepping into another world.

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    The campus and the university as a whole are great. The only thing is that the city of Stoke-on-Trent is a dead city. with Newcastle being the same. But focusing on the education I can’t complaint of a single thing, with only improvements of tutorial classes needed to be made.

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    Most stuff is overpriced. Teaching quality is good but most of the price comes out of your independent study and effort. There are friendly staff and some friendly people here that makes it worth staying. The lecture halls have been refurbished with new material so it all looks fresh and smells great.

    You will have a wonderful time exploring the tons of buildings they have each holding their own principle, equipment and highly qualified lectures who love what they do. Even though you might feel down one day there is a support center to help you through those, anytime.

    What I feel that people here like most are the library facilities and events from the Student Union. The library is full of references, books and seats for studying. The student union is a place where keele students gather and catch up on what is new. No matter who you will be able to find someone who shares your ideals, someone just like you and Keele offers that nearly every time and that is the reason why most people stay grounded in Keele.

    It focuses on education to the highest standard as it can and am sort of glad I got to experience all this, I hope you will make that decision too. Just grasp it when you see it to the best you can…because trying your best is something Keele appreciates most.

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    Amazing scenery – amazing uni – friendly people and generally a good place, don’t judge until you’ve been there.

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    I still keep in mind Keele University is great for me. Studied in there i think was s great decision. From Andi Mappatoba (student in Health Planning and Management 2000-2001) Makassar South Sulawesi, Indonesia

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    Ahhh Keele. My time at Keele were the best three years of my life so far. It’s weird because it’s like in the middle of nowhere, and there are squirrels everywhere, but it’s *lovely*. The campus is beautiful and everyone just kind of gets to know each other. It’s really nice. Even now that I’m back in London, I still meet up with my Keele friends 🙂

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    Think they are going to get students next year when they’re charging £9000,that’s as much as oxford and Cambridge. No way keele is worth that much

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    Had an interview here, and although, I got accepted I rejected them as the staff on my course were very rude and blunt, and overall not the kind of staff I’d want to be taught by for 3 years. The only positive thing, which boosts it from 2 stars to 3 is that the staff at the reception desks were very friendly and helpful.

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