The 2013 merger between two long-time business schools helped create what’s now known as the Kedge Business School. That merger connected Euromed and the Bordeaux Management School (BEM), a pair of schools that first opened their doors in 1872 and 1874, respectively. Euromed is based in the city of Marseille, while BEM is located in Talence, near Bordeaux.

Besides the central campuses in those specific areas, two other French cities also serve as a teaching venue for Kedge, Paris and Toulon. In addition, three partner campuses are domestically located in Bayonne, Bastia and Avignon. Finally, campuses far beyond the border of France can be found in Dakar, Senegal, along with a pair within China in Suzhou and Shanghai.

An estimated 300 different partner universities around the world help accommodate students who are based domestically and want to understand a specific country or region. In addition, students from those international schools can obtain a unique perspective from studying at Kedge.

A total of 31 different programs are available to all students, including specialized options. In addition, work-study possibilities are available, while the training programs for companies to work within the firm’s own framework or with other organizations.

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