The Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge began its educational life in 1954 as part of the school’s engineering department. That name stayed in place until 1990, when it was renamed the Judge Institute for Management Studies to honor the chief benefactors, Sir Paul Judge and his wife.

That donation helped construct a building that coincided with the business school’s actual beginning, a structure that was dedicated by Queen Elizabeth in 1995. A decade later, it was renamed the Judge Business School, adding the Cambridge component five years later.

The construction itself involved building something new and merging that approach with a reshaping of what used to be Addenbrooke’s Hospital. The remodelled building is where Judge’s Business Information Centre is located, while the other three buildings were constructed from scratch.

Those buildings are known respectively as the Ark, the Castle and the Gallery. The Ark houses faculty, staff and research graduates, while the Castle is where MBA instruction takes place. The Gallery serves as a social and access area, though seminars are also held within this particular structure.

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