Seeking out the best business schools within the borders of Germany becomes infinitely easier when focusing just on the International School of Management (ISM). The reason is a simple one: with five different branches around the country, the core philosophies that are a part of the school’s overriding mission will be a part of the educational approach for each segment.

To supplement the work of those five campuses, ISM also has established partnerships with more than 170 universities around the world. This gives students that choose to study abroad a wider grasp of the role of international business.

The opportunity to attain both bachelor’s and master’s degrees on either a full or part-time basis offers flexibility for those with busy schedules and those seeking to get their business career started. Those with experience in the workforce can take advantage of the enrolment process for an international MBA.

A student can choose the ISM school in Cologne, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Munich.

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