Instructing students in the role of modern business was the original idea behind the 1963 creation of ISC Paris, known within France as Institut supérieur du commerce de Paris. Two years of study served as the basis for this education, following attainment of an undergraduate degree.

Students have the opportunity to seek advanced degree and can take advantage of over than 155 partner universities that work with ISC Paris across 50 different countries. Other partnerships have been established with businesses that allow for improved networking and a more hands-on approach to dealing with contemporary concerns in contrast to focusing on theory.

Many of the school’s programs are taught in both French and English, while all international programs have instructors who offer their expertise in english only.

Specialization in four areas makes up the curriculum of the school, with segments devoted to: finance, auditing and legal concerns; strategic moves for international business; communication and marketing; and human resources and project management.

The estimated 2,200 students that attend classes at the school are joined by a quartet of research centers that focus on specific areas of business. These include areas such as management and strategy as well as finance and economics.

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    very good school including specialization Management information systems.

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    ***** Reviewed by a former student ******
    I entered this school in 2012 and with its new director saw identity and illegal abuses she could take. The school actually banned each student to wear a yarmulke or otherwise veil of deportation. Be aware that this is illegal and that the school lost as such a trial conducted by a student she was expelled under this ground.
    Despite the loss in court school persists illegally and currently still continues to expel students bearing the veil or kippah.

    I recall a time when I saw a class with several foreign students (and any local numbers) wear the kippa without any problem and some young students wearing the veil.

    New students know then you have the right to wear or any of these signs and that the school can not prohibit you from wearing them.

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    How so you know how to make it send me money on papieroski because in Poland bida that is screaming all collapse into rubble.

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    very serious teachers. .very good school

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    When I listen to my daughter I am worried
    Business school …. for now yes
    Waiting for the continuation !!!!!

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    A good business school, offering very versatile training, a broad associative network.

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    Good finance specialization (in English) including the possibility of a double degree delivering a master of research with the University of Cergy-Pontoise. You do not necessarily put the emphasis on the school’s name in an interview but rather on the international aspect of the training or the double degree (if however you choose these options). Good opportunities for the entire promo, many overseas.

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    The system of associations is a real plus!

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    Great Business School with a lot of potential. I am an alumni of this school that allowed me to travel, meet interesting people and finally get a job in Shanghai, China. Good network as well.

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    ISC Paris is one of the best option for your Management education.

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