The IPE Management School Paris offers a business education to both undergraduates and those seeking advanced degrees. Besides having the main campus in Paris, students in five other European countries and on four other continents receive instruction, primarily in the area of management skills development.

The student population of IPE is estimated at 5,500 individuals. Meanwhile, the number of businesses within France that the school has established a working relationship with accounts for over 2,500 entities. As opposed to choosing between a practical or theoretical style of instruction, IPE professors prefer to integrate the concepts.

In the area of advanced education, students can choose to pursue a Master of Science degree in six different areas. These are primarily focused on management and marketing concerns, though a focus on understanding of trade law from an international perspective is also a possibility.

Those preferring a path to an MBA will have eight different options to choose from, with segmented areas mixed together with more focus on management and marketing. For a student that seeks to pursue a doctorate, it should be noted that IPE’s program is on a part-time basis, which can help accommodate individuals that already work in the business world.

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