Founded in 1980 by Professor Jack Forget, the International School of Management (ISM) was forged together by the idea of establishing a place where business education that took a worldwide perspective could be taught. The first campuses were located in Paris and San Francisco, with subsequent partnerships with schools in New York and institutions in South Africa, Brazil, China and India later established.

Rather than stick to the same concepts being taught in all of those regions, a more flexible approach to the surrounding business community within a specific country were the main focus of the instruction.

By 1998, what people know today as ISM came to be developed, with Paris and New York the site of the school’s International Executive MBA (IEMBA) program. An estimated 500 students have attended the school over the past two decades, with a wide range of different nationalities making up that unique contingent.

Within two years of those 1998 beginnings, both a DBA and PhD program were also established. Growth to other parts of the world followed over the next decade and in 2014, specialization of educational programs began. Within this group, the school’s faculty teaches segments such as Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

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    Although it is a younger program, their format is flexible but rigorous. In dealing with the staff and professors, the defining difference seems to be a professional behavior found in the private sector, not typical of educational environments. I think their curriculum is also strong.

    I do not know much about the regular MBA program, but I would recommend the EMBA program to executives who want truly direct international experience through an EMBA and not have to be out of the office too often. I think this program will gain in ranking as time goes on due to its advantages over other EMBA programs that can not offer the true international experience.

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    The International School of Management in Paris represents one of the best approach to get a deep approach into business studies.
    Combining part time or full time courses, ISM is providing courses & seminars in Paris, New-york, Shanhai, Tokyo…
    I succeeded to create my own business with the quality of teaching from this school.
    I recommend it 🙂

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