The International Business School (IBS) in Germany was created in 1984 and has campuses located in Lippstadt and Nuremberg. The main goal in educating the students that come through the doors is to prepare them for the realities of 21st Century business, which largely focuses on taking an international approach to increasing market share.

Bachelor degrees in both management and marketing, along with advanced degrees are possible. For undergraduates, the ability to study in areas that focus on economics, psychology, hotel management, tourism and real estate, offer the chance to establish a solid foundation for any subsequent work on a master’s degree.

Field trips to multinational corporations, coupled with symposiums and panel discussions that allow for opportunities to network are available to students. Given the importance of grasping the concepts presented during this matriculation, learning groups have been designed to remain small.

In more than 30 years of operation, IBS has been able to produce more than 1,500 graduates that are populated across the globe. That aforementioned networking can be enhanced through this wide array of like-minded individuals, which makes the original investment a wise one. It definitely lays the groundwork for future success in the business world.

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