INSEEC Business School opened in 1975 from its original campus in Bordeaux. Since that time, the student population has grown to an estimated 15,000, primarily due to the expansion of the school’s campuses around the world. Among the other eight cities that have an INSEEC campus are major business centers like Paris, London, San Francisco, Geneva and Shanghai.

Along with undergraduate degrees, students are able to work toward Master’s degrees in a wide range of specific areas. In addition, they have the option of choosing to obtain a traditional MBA and one that focuses on things like business diplomacy and contemporary concerns related to advertising and marketing.

INSEEC makes a concerted effort to market itself in different areas of the world, holding international fairs to help create an increased sense of awareness. The application process has been streamlined to a point that the online application takes roughly five minutes to complete. It is followed by an interview that’s done by video conferencing.

At INSEEC’s Chambery campus, students that are usually based from far beyond that area can take part in an expedited four-week program. This program is taught in English and explores the current role of the European business community.

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    Really good school !
    Keep improving through the year !

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    Recognized and targeted Grade degree school of Master in France. Good teaching, good localization, good speakers, but local sometimes close with the amount of students there. Very good opportunities for students wishing to complete the Master’s course in Alternance, and / or internationally.

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    Very good school! Happy to be part of the Inseec Group.

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    It is a wonderful school, I did a semester in school. The teachers are very nice

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    An excellent school, with very interesting course and a rewarding social life.

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    I am a Moroccan student
    really I have the honor to finish my studies in this school
    she is magnificent

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    Rich education and offer opportunities to develope your international experiences. I highly recommend !

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    I just started my experience at Inseec Business school, and I’ve already met really kind and professional people. Moreover professors come from different backgrounds and nationality, and probably for this reason they are really qualified in their respective Majors and truly competent and fluent in English. Even though I’m not in this school since long time, I’m still appreciating it day after day.

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    For french people this business school is the worst school ever.
    This school is only looking for your cash, every french people know that.

    Please, don’t trust this school it’s a big joke, even the good comments below are all fake written by the community manager.

    You have 100 hundred school better than this one good luck

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    No windows no aircon?
    Well we paid a lot for this though

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