The IESE Business School was founded in 1958 and holds the distinction of establishing the first European two-year MBA program, which took place in 1964. More recently, it also made history by becoming the first business school from Europe to set down roots within the United States.

That IESE facility is located in Munich but other campuses can be found in Manhattan, Sao Paulo, Madrid and Barcelona. The institution looks through the prism of business from an angle that focuses on both international concepts and more contemporary management concerns.

Such efforts have paid off for IESE when taking into account the rankings of all business schools from key media outlets such as Financial Times. IESE has ranked at the top when it comes to executive education for two consecutive years.

One of the overriding differences that sets IESE apart from its competitors it that part of its instructional DNA concerns itself with reinforcing the continuing value and importance of business ethics.

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